World's Largest Pets

Earlier this week I was perusing the Internet looking for pictures of wild lynxes when I stumbled upon this story about Kefir. Kefir is the world’s largest domestic cat. Kefir weighs over twenty-six pounds and is a mixed breed of what I can only assume is Maine Coon and snow leopard.

This Cat Is As Tall As A Toddler


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That isn’t a camera trick. Kefir really is about as tall as that little girl.

And he’s not just big. Kefir is a photogenic cat who looks like a distinguished gentleman.


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This got me thinking about some of the world’s largest pets. Here are a few more colossal companions.

The World’s Largest Pet Dog: Zeus the Great Dane.

The first time I saw a Great Dane as a kid I thought they were miniature ponies. Despite the name, Danes are from Germany and were originally bred to hunt deer and wild poor, hence their gigantic size. Zeus is the biggest of them all. He is 3 and a half feet tall and – supposedly – well-behaved.

Zeus is so tall that he drinks out of the sink.

The World’s Largest Gold Fish

The largest goldfish is from the Netherlands, according to the Guinness Book Of World Records. Poor guy doesn’t seem to have a name though. He looks like a Gerald.

On a somewhat related note, did you know that the world’s largest goldfish farm is located in Arkansas?

Darius, The World’s Largest Rabbit

Darius is a Flemish Giant, which is considered the largest breed of rabbit. He was rabbitnapped in 2021.

Despite a £2,000 reward, the rabbit has not been returned. His owner, a former model named Annette Edwards, believes he’s dead. He had very specific dietary requirements that would make it difficult for anyone unaware of his needs to keep him alive, she says.

“He was extraordinarily old and his special diet was keeping him alive – pellets and barley rings all mashed up. When he was taken, I gave him two to three days.”

“My opinion is that it was done out of sheer spite,” Edwards said. “It was the work of online bullies, people who make nasty comments without having to look someone in the eye.”

Would You Ever Get A Giant Animal?

I’m not talking about a horse or a cow, but an oversized version of a regular domestic pet. I could see myself getting a Great Dane or one of those giant rabbits.

Share your thoughts on the story and on the world’s largest pets in the comments below.

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