Vanessa Bryant

Vanessa Bryant, the widow of NBA legend Kobe Bryant, has sued Los Angeles County for allegedly sharing photos from the crash site that took her husband, daughter, and seven other passengers. Bryant’s case revolves around allegations that LA Sheriff’s Deputies and Fire Department Captains took photos of the crash site, including of Bryant’s maimed body, and passed them around to friends and family. 

Not only was this a violation of basic protocol, but sharing photos of the deceased icon was a blatant act of depravity. 

Vanessa Bryant Leaves Courtroom in Tears

In absolutely stinging testimony, Mrs. Bryant considered ending her life after news of the leaked photos broke. She testified that the information still affects her to this day. 

The photos were gruesome, as the severity of the crash left most of the victims unrecognizable. While the images circulated internally and were shown amongst LA County personnel, Bryant nor anyone in the wider public has seen them, and they have never been published. 

During the trial, police and firefighters who shared the photos shared testimony to explain their actions. Vanessa Bryant listened to the shocking revelations in court and had to leave during a particular gutwrenching moment.

I know I wouldn’t have the strength to listen to this. And the insensitive manner in which the police shared these gruesome photos of Bryant’s body adds insult to injury. It is almost sicker and more depraved that the sheriff’s deputies shared these photos while messing around with friends. Like it was a casual night out, and someone said, “Hey, wanna see something crazy?”

If the police are doing this to a beloved athlete, there’s no reason to think they aren’t sharing photos of everyday people who go through these tragedies.

I am increasingly disturbed the more I read about this story, and I hope justice is swift.

Reactions To The Courtroom Revelations

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