Hollywood marriages, do they ever last? Well, Sylvester Stallone and his wife, Jennifer Flavin, could be forgiven for thinking theirs might. The two have been together for 25 years and had three gorgeous daughters.

But now they’re calling it quits. 

The reason they’re divorcing? While we do not know for sure, the rumors behind it are wild and, dare I say, a little…ruff? 

Why Is Sylvester Stallone Getting A Divorce?

Gossip columnists thought something was up with the two for a while, as Internet sleuths noticed that Stallone had covered up a tattoo of his wife with a portrait of the dog from the Rocky series. 

Well, maybe not a tattoo, but a dog was in the mix, according to TMZ.

I guess he got the dog? At least the tattoo. I don’t know. I highly doubt the whole marriage fell apart because of the dog. Clearly, there were some unresolved and deep seeded issues between the two of them. 

According to the video posted above, Stallone had a history of being unfaithful and may have been caught cheating. So Sly might have already been in the DOG HOUSE* so to speak. In fact, one time, Stallone dumped Flavin via mail because of a pregnancy scare with model Janice Dickinson. 

Sly’s No Good Horrible Very Bad Week

Regardless, it has not been a good week of news for Rocky. First, he is outed as one of Southern California’s greatest water wasters

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And now he’s getting a divorce over a dog and a tattoo. Tough times for Sly. On a happier note, He is back on the screen.

On television with the crime drama Tulsa King from Yellowstone, producer Tyler Sheridan

And his superhero movie Samaritan is coming to Amazon. 

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*I’m sorry, I’ll see myself out. 

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