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A dad went to Reddit to share a story of why he didn’t allow his daughter to date one boy in particular. And frankly, he has a perfectly justified reason.

The dad made it clear that he isn’t trying to scare the boys away.

“Normally, when she says that she has a date, I’m fine,” he said.

He just wants to put a name to a face. Seems pretty simple and reasonable. Well, one teenage dude wasn’t having it. 

The boy claimed he “wasn’t good at talking to parents” and doesn’t care to do it. Well, naturally, this didn’t sit right with daddy. He called off the date over the tearful objections of his daughter. 

Was The Dad Correct? 

Keep in mind that this dad was not outright against the kid dating his daughter, he just balked because the dude wouldn’t come to meet him. If you’re brave enough to ask a girl on a date, the least you can do is walk in there, shake her dad’s hand and promise that you won’t take her to an R-rated movie or keep her out past 9 o’clock or whatever.

Many Redditors also speculated that the boyfriend might have been older or a scumbag and maybe the daughter didn’t want him to meet dad.

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Do you need a dad’s permission to date his daughter? Well, no. Not really. But come on! In high school, you should at least meet the dad, let him size you up, and ensure you aren’t some loser creep who will hurt his girl. I remember I took a girl out once, and her dad pulled a knife on me. Now, it was a kitchen knife and he was being funny*. But it was still weird.

I know it is “progressive” to let your kids do whatever they want, but this is still a 14-year-old girl. Have you ever met a 14-year-old? They are hormonal idiots. I know because I was one. And you were too.

Curfews and dads meeting dates might seem draconian and patriarchal, but they can be good protection. 

And at least that dad cares. Some fathers will go to great lengths not to raise their children. 

My Unsolicited Parenting Advice 

To be sure, there are plenty of weird overprotective parents, and it almost always doesn’t work out. How many times have you heard of a kid who grew up in a super strict household leaving the house to go crazy? How many of the wildest kids in college got that way because they never learned boundaries or moderation? 

My parents weren’t lax, but as I got older and earned their trust, I got more responsibility and freedom to do as I wished. Not every kid is the same. Treat your kids like little humans who are growing and maturing, and they’ll grow up fine.

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*I hope. 

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