Kayla Harrison wants Cris Cyborg.

And she wants her bad.

Harrison, who is on a quest to claim another PFL title this year, challenged Cyborg once again by appearing on The MMA Hour.

“We can do winter takes all, or we can do when she loses, she gets to keep her purse,” Harrison said (thanks to MMA Fighting for the quotes). “If she needs help getting the deal signed, I will call (PFL executives) and ask them, whatever price she wants. I will speak to them on her behalf.”

Harrison, a former Olympic gold medalist who is unbeaten in her career, even added special mention of drug testing for the fight.

“I’ll go through a full (U.S. Anti-Doping Agency) drug testing,” she said. “I will be drug tested every day from now until the fight. And she doesn’t have to be drug tested at all.

“The only think I ask is that they allow elbows.”

Why elbows?

“So I can put one through her skull,” Harrison said.

For now, Harrison will remain focused on facing Martina Jindrova in the featherweight playoffs.

Harrison and Cyborg had an exchange on social media after news broke that Cyborg would be facing Simone Silva in a boxing match in September.

Donn Davis, an executive with PFL, offered $1 million to each fighter for the bout, with a $2 million winner bonus.

“She gets an equal fight purse based on what?” Cyborg replied. “Being your champion? Beating a fighter who’s 12-13? All the PPVs she sold?”

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