Kathie Lee Gifford Reveals Why She’s Keeping Her Love Life Private

Kathie Lee Gifford is speaking out to reveal why she's keeping her love life private years after the death of her husband Frank.

It’s been seven years since Kathie Lee Gifford lost her husband, the former NFL star Frank Gifford, but she’s staying quiet about what her love life is like today.

‘I Have Someone Very Special In My Life’

“I have someone very special in my life,” Gifford, 69, told People Magazine. “I’ve discovered that by not talking about it, it stays special.”

Gifford moved to Nashville, Tennessee after retiring from daytime television in 2019, and she’s loving life down there. 

“I’ve found personal happiness here, is the best way to say it,” she said, adding that she spends lots of time with her two children and their families. 

“I’m just so grateful that my children married in deep love for their life partner,” she said. Gifford explained that her 29 year-old daughter Cassidy is “so happy” since marrying her childhood sweetheart Ben Wierda in November of last year. 

“[They] have been best friends since they were 11 and 14,” she said of the couple.

When it comes to her 32 year-old son, Gifford said, “Cody and [his wife] Erica are just so right for each other.”

“So it’s just right. and I’m friends with both families. It’s a beautiful, beautiful season.”

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Gifford’s Strong Christian Faith

Aside from her family, faith is the most important thing in Gifford’s life. 

“God is the God of family and the God of marriage and the God of relationships, and when we put him first in them, it’s miraculous the blessings that flow,” she said. 

Gifford is preparing to release her new movie The Way, which features “moving stories from the Bible brought to life” with narration by Gifford, later this week. 

“It’s a beautiful season of new beginnings for me,” she said, “and I wish more people as they age felt that way about the process — that God is not finished with them. As long as we have a pulse, we have purpose.”

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Earlier this month, Gifford rang in her 69th birthday by sharing a photo of herself cuddling her grandson, who is named Frank after her late husband.

“Bubbe’s Birthday I hit the mother and father-in-law jackpot,” Cody’s wife Erika wrote alongside a photo of Gifford with the baby boy. “Happy Birthday to the woman who shines brightly, is precious with baby Fwanks and makes us all laugh so hard we sometimes pooje (bad family feud joke) and to the warmest giant of a man in heaven. We all miss you.”


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Gifford Talks Life As A Grandma

Gifford went on Today with Hoda and Jenna the next morning to talk about life as a grandma.

“Yesterday was my birthday but I got the present of a lifetime,” Gifford said of getting to spend time with her grandson. “Everybody fights me for him but I’m the Bubbe. He’s Cody all over again.”

Check out this full interview in the video below.

Gifford celebrated the birth of her grandson back in June in an Instagram post. 

“My heart is bursting,” she wrote. “Frank Michael Gifford is here, confirming that our God is good and merciful and faithful. And he loves us!”

We’re so glad to see that life seems to be going so well for Gifford! While we would love to know who the “special” person in her life is, we also understand her wanting to keep that private. 

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