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The Internet has found its latest villain. What is this man’s crime? He dared to take his quintuplets (that’s five kids born at once) out for a walk in public while keeping them on leashes.

Once again, the Internet is wrong.

Give This Guy A Break

Jordan Driskell is the father of five kids. Like many dads with multiple young children, he has to be innovative with how he keeps them safe. His solution? Leash his kids.

Of course, the qualified experts across the Internet were NOT OK with that.


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There is nothing, and I mean nothing, more annoying than people trying to parent someone else’s kids. We live in an age where everyone has an opinion. And, thanks to the internet, everyone can just chime in whenever they want – that seems to be doubly true when talking about someone’s parenting style. 

The sillies over at the Today Show thought this was worth a segment. 

And some of the responses are asinine. 

“Don’t have that many kids if you aren’t prepared to handle them”

No one PLANS to have Quintuplets. It is a biological near-impossibility. 

“Just tell them running away is dangerous.”

 Yes, because all toddlers respond well to FACTS AND LOGIC!

I can’t imagine judging a parent for anything like this. Yes, it goes slightly against societal conventions, but that’s only because societal conventions are stupid. This guy had five kids, all born at one time. That is NOT something you plan for. He’s doing the best he can. My mom had four kids spaced out over 7 years, and we were all still a massive handful. 

She didn’t have the option of a leash. These parents do. Modern innovation has made it easier to be a good parent. We shouldn’t be shaming people for it. 

Should Children Be Put On A Leash?

Yes. Not just when you have them in groups of five. But at all times. If they are too big of a stroller, put them on one of those retractable leashes that lets them get about 5 years ahead of you. That’s about as far as you’d want them to get away from you anyway right?

And you don’t always have to put them on a leash. But when you’re at an amusement park, the mall, or another crowded area what is the practical difference between putting a kid on a leash and making them hold your hand?

If anything putting a leash on a child is more liberating than hand holding or making them sit in a stroller. The problem, of course, is that people think we shouldn’t treat children like dogs, as if putting a dog on a leash is a bad thing.

Well, let’s think about that. Do you put a dog on a leash to punish or restrict the dog?

No. You leash a dog because you are the dog’s protector. Not every dog can be perfectly trained to sit and obey any command. Even the highest trained dogs are subject to being frightened or overexcited.

The leash is there for the dog’s protection. To stop it from running away or hurting itself. A leash doesn’t confine a dog. The canine still has plenty of time to explore, sniff, and get to know their surroundings. This happens while you, the owner, get the peace of mind that you are in control and able to protect your pup in case something goes awry. 

It is the same way with kids.

You give a kid plenty of space to roam, play, and interact with other people. In fact, your kid has a better ability to interact with their surroundings on a leash than strapped to your body or put in a wagon. 

Would you leash your kids? Have you leashed your kids? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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