Sylvester Stallone spoke with Sports Illustrated about his career, his new action movie, the Samaritan, and how pro wrestling influences his style and filmmaking.

Sly views wrestling the same as an action movie, fantasy combined with real risk and stakes.

The Demolition Man spoke about how the work of Bruno Sammartino inspired him to pursue acting roles.

“People like Bruno “Sammartino, those are people that helped forge my personality and my outlook on life. Bruno, Gorgeous George, [bodybuilder/actor] Steve Reeves, [boxer] Rocky Marciano—especially Rocky Marciano.”

In the interview, John Rambo gave one of the better comebacks to the “wrestling is fake” trope.

Stallone has been involved in WWE in the past and is a long-time friend of Hulk Hogan. The cross-over between Stallone fans and wrestling fans is pretty clear. Stallone’s action movies often tell a complex but fulfilling story of a good man triumphing over evil. 

Other Celebrity Wrestling Fans

Sly is far from the only famous wrestling fan. Here are a few other real-life stars who love the squared circle.

90s heartthrob Freddie Prinze Jr is not only a huge wrestling fan; he even worked for WWE for a time. The lifelong fan is now in the process of starting his own promotion.

Megaproducer and noted beard haver Rick Rubin is a longtime wrestling fan, often called a purist for his love of classic “old school” work. Rubin helped fund Jim Cornette’s nostalgia-driven Smokey Mountain Wrestling.

Rubin is often seen at WWE events, often sitting right behind the commentary.

Television presenter Maria Menounos is a big wrestling fan who is always around WWE, especially during WrestleMania.

Daily Show host Jon Stewart has been involved in wrestling for a few years.

He even wrestled, kinda. The pundit was AA’d by John Cena.

I like it when I see a famous person really into wrestling. Despite its mass appeal, wrestling is still a relatively niche interest. Many celebrities just show up for a promotion, but I like to think I can always tell when they are real fans.

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