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The two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was brutally humiliated recently when she lost a legal knowledge quiz to reality television star Kim Kardashian.

Clinton Destroyed By Kardashian

Daily Mail reported that Kardashian crushed Hillary in the quiz by a score of 11-4 on an episode of the first lady’s new docuseries “Gutsy,” which she is co-hosting with her daughter Chelsea. 

“Under what circumstances may one use deadly force to defend themselves?” Chelsea can be seen asking the two of them. 

Kardashian quickly presses her buzzer and says, “When one is being faced with deadly force themselves, or believes deadly force is imminent.” This is the correct answer, and the scoreboard ticks over to 1-0. 

Before she became First Lady in 1993, Hillary was a practicing lawyer and a partner at a law firm, having earned her J.D. from Yale Law School in 1973. You would never know it from this quiz, however, as she was destroyed in a truly embarrassing way by Kardashian. 

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‘It Was Heartbreaking’

“Oh it was heartbreaking!” Hillary said of the defeat in a new interview, with Chelsea adding, “I think she also needs to work on her reaction time. Sometimes I could see my mom knew what the answer was but she wouldn’t hit the buzzer in time.”

“Well I was also really intrigued by how well she did,” Hillary continued. “I wanted to, you know, put the spotlight on her – not that she needs it! – but she worked really hard.”

“You’re not saying you let her win…” the interviewer could be heard saying. Hillary interjected to respond, “No I’m not saying that, I’m not saying that. It was more the reaction time.”

“I think Kim has an unfair advantage,” Hillary later stated, before Chelsea consoled her by saying, “Kim has studied more recently than you.”

Check out this clip and its accompanying interview in the video below.

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Kardashian Studying To Be A Lawyer

When she’s not starring on reality TV, Kardashian is studying to become a lawyer, and she’s become known for her legal advocacy. She admitted to the Clintons that passing what is known as the “baby bar” was hard for her, as it took her three tries. 

“My kids were there every time I opened my results, and so they’d see me cry,” she said. “And the last time, they saw me cry the best tears of happiness that I did it.”

Hillary said afterward that she was impressed by the legal knowledge that Kardashian possessed. 

“She worked so hard (on the bar) and persevered,” Hillary said. “We didn’t interview her about fashion, her many lines of commerce, her personal life. We interviewed about what she was doing to help get people who were unjustly or unfairly incarcerated have a second chance.”

Should Kardashian actually become a lawyer, she would be following in the footsteps of her late father Robert Kardashian, who famously defended O.J. Simpson in his 1995 murder trial. 

“Gutsy” is a nine-episode series that Variety says “follows the mother-daughter duo as they celebrate the women who inspire them.” It is set to premiere on Apple TV+ on September 9. 

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