‘The View’ Fans Threaten To Boycott If This ‘Trump Reject’ Is Hired

"The View" on ABC is at risk of losing fans if this "Trump reject" is brought on as a full-time host of the talk show.

Fans of the ABC talk show “The View” are up in arms over rumors that someone they have branded a “Trump reject” is about to be hired. 

Fans Fume Over Alyssa Farah Griffin On ‘The View’

Radar Online reported that rumor has it that Alyssa Farah Griffin, who is the former communications director to the ex-president Donald Trump, is about to be offered a full-time co-hosting spot on “The View” after she served as a guest host for the past few weeks. It has been speculated that ABC executives are eyeing her to fill the conservative seat on the panel that has been vacant since Meghan McCain left the show last summer.

Fans, however, have responded to these rumors by threatening to boycott the show if Farah Griffin is hired full-time.

“I get the feeling they will hire Alyssa full-time. I’m not a fan at all. They should keep the rotating guest host,” one fan commented on social media, with another adding that they would be “out” if Farah Griffin is hired full-time. 

“We don’t need toxic Trump rejects for this show to be interesting!” a third fan commented. 

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Others, however, have voiced their support for Farah Griffin.

“Lindsey [Granger] is back on next week so I think she’s still in the running although I agree ABC is definitely leaning towards Alyssa. And I get it, Lindsey is a bit untested. She’s great and she would be my choice but Alyssa is definitely the safer choice,” one fan commented, with others saying that Griffin has “grown” on them. 

Farah Griffin Sounds Off

This comes days after Farah Griffin took to Twitter to fire back at a National Review story that claimed that she had “changed.”

“Farah Griffin has continued to espouse some conservative positions publicly, including defending the pro-life argument on The View earlier this year,” the article alleged. “But when the topic turns to anything Trump-related, she is reading from a decidedly different playbook these days.” 

Griffin responded by saying that she worked for former Vice President Mike Pence for two years, adding that she will “always be grateful and honored to have served in that role.”

Farah Griffin went on to say that she worked for the Department of Defense in the Trump administration for a year before being asked to go to the West Wing.

“Every time I thought about returning to DOD, I couldn’t bring myself to,” she continued. “I could kick myself the rest of my life over that decision. But I stayed. After Trump lost and began espousing the election lies, I resigned.”

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Farah Griffin Aims To Condemn Trump

Farah Griffin added that she has not “stopped using my voice since to condemn [Trump’s] lies and unfitness for office. I remain a conservative who believes in limited federal government & a robust national defense.”

“I pride myself first & foremost in being an American,” she said. “The political labels will always be secondary to me.”

Since McCain left “The View” last year, virtually the entire full-time panel on the show has been radically leftwing, as it includes women like Whoopi Goldberg, Sunny Hostin, and Joy Behar. It will certainly be interesting to see if ABC decides to bring on a conservative like Farah Griffin full-time. 

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