Fireworks Fails

I love fireworks on the Fourth of July. My family and I go to South Carolina every summer, a free state with next to zero laws on the types of fireworks you can buy. I stock up on everything. The crazier the name on it the better.

But sometimes, accidents happen with fireworks and they can have consequences – sometimes humorous, sometimes deadly. Like when my dad decided to light a roman candle in his hand and just point it towards the ground, right at his feet. Or when I didn’t dig a deep enough hole and a roman candle fell over and began shooting at people on the beach. Point is, keep roman candles away from the Pattersons and be safe.

Here are a few terrible fireworks fails. 

What If You Set Off All Your Fireworks At Once? 

That’s what someone did in 2012 during a 4th of July celebration in San Diego. 

Thankfully no one was injured unless you count disappointment as an injury. I would love more fireworks shows like this, any good show should be less than 10 minutes tops. All of that fun into 30 seconds? Even better.

Mexican Fireworks Market Explosion 

In Mexico, a fireworks market blew up after gunpowder sitting near fireworks detonated. This accident lead to 42 dead and dozens injured. 

The town the explosion took place in, Tultepec is the home of the Mexican fireworks industry, with 65% of the residents employed in the fireworks industry. 

2020 Beruit Explosion

This one is not pretty and is in fact a classic example of bureaucratic incompetence and the perils of global shipping. In a warehouse in the port of Beruit, an abandoned store of ammonium nitrate left in Lebanon by a dilapidated ship caught fire while stored next to fireworks.

Yes, some genius thought it a good idea to store fireworks next to stuff used to make nearly 80% of the explosives used in the United States.

The result? A catastrophic explosion that left 218 dead, 7,000 injured and 300,000 homeless. 

There are reports that this was perhaps a terrorist act, as Lebanon is embroiled in several 

Some Tips On Fireworks Safety

Here are some trusty tips to make sure you aren’t losing a hand, arm, or eye playing with fireworks.

Safety isn’t just for humans, gotta make sure your pups are safe from the loud lights and sounds too!

Share your favorite fireworks fail in the comment section below. 

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