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Fears are growing for the health of Queen Elizabeth, 96, as a royal expert is speaking out to warn that she is “fading away before our eyes.”

Royal Expert Sounds Off

In an op-ed opened for Australian outlet, royal expert Daniela Elser claimed that photos of the Queen greeting New South Wales Governor Margaret Beazley in the United Kingdom last month were “nothing short of alarming.”

The photos show the Queen smiling in a bright yellow dress as she shakes hands with the Australian lawmaker at Windsor Castle, and Elser argues that the images are innocuous enough, until they are compared to photos of the Queen wearing a similar outfit when she met former Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison in June of 2021. 

‘The Difference Is Truly Startling’

“The difference is truly startling,” Elser wrote. “In the intervening 12 months, Her Majesty would appear to have become markedly more stooped, much thinner and overall appears to have shrunk.”

Elser went on to point out that “nearly every month” since last October, the Queen has been forced to “bow out of previously nonnegotiable events.” She then speculated that the Queen’s true health status may be being kept private.

“Aides are in a tricky spot,” Elser claimed. “They can hardly come out and offer the press a running commentary on whatever might be ailing [the queen].”

Elser then said that she feels that the royal family needs to be more transparent with the public about this kind of thing, as they risk looking “squirrelly and secretive.” She argued that this would not be good for them at a time when their image has already taken a hit from scandals surrounding Prince Andrew, the Queen’s third child. 

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Fears Over Queen’s Health

The New York Post reported that fears have circulated about the Queen’s health since October of last year, when she was spotted using a walking stick for the first time in 17 years, with one source at the time claiming that she was using it for “comfort.” Later that same month, she canceled a trip to Ireland after being hospitalized for vague reasons before returning to her royal duties. 

Buckingham Palace proceeded to announce in May that the Queen would have to miss a royal engagement due to “mobility problems,” a decision that the palace said was made in “consultation with her doctors.”

Last month, during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, she had to miss the National Service of Thanksgiving after attending the Trooping the Colour parade the day before. She also only attended the Platinum Jubilee Pageant as a hologram.

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The Queen Speaks Out

“While I may not have attended every event in person, my heart has been with you all; and I remain committed to serving you to the best of my ability, supported by my family,” the Queen said during the Jubilee.

“I have been inspired by the kindness, joy, and kinship that has been so evident in recent days, and I hope this renewed sense of togetherness will be felt for many years to come,” she added. 

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee was meant to celebrate her record-breaking seventy years on the British throne, and we hope she continues to rule for many years to come. Please join us in saying a prayer for her good health amidst this growing speculation.