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Prince Andrew has fallen into disgrace due to his ties to the late billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Now, a royal expert is speaking out to say that Queen Elizabeth is becoming “increasingly concerned” about her third child, who many have long said was her favorite of her four kids.

Queen ‘Increasingly Concerned’ About Andrew

“It’s been told to me that the Queen has become increasingly concerned about the welfare and state of mind of her son Andrew and, in particular, he needed a focus, something to look forward to,” royal expert Neil Sean told Fox News. “Naturally any mother, monarch or not, would have these feelings.”

“He has been spending almost every afternoon in the Queen’s company while at Windsor to pass away the hours of what was once a busy, active duke,” he added. “[This is] how the original invitation became… Andrew, who missed the Platinum Jubilee celebrations after testing positive for COVID, is said to be keen for a return to royal duties and this seemed the ideal way of doing it.”

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‘He Feels That He Should Be Reinstated’

Sean went on to say that it was Andrew who had second thoughts about making a public appearance. 

“He feels that he should be reinstated and his position recognized and respected,” Sean explained. “But very quietly and without fuss, he personally rescinded the kind gesture from the Queen so as not to create… a bad feeling amongst his family members. After all, this was a huge event for Camilla who as the Duchess of Cornwall was installed as a Royal Lady of the Order of the Garter.”

“Andrew also was wise enough to know that if he did attend the focus on her would be taken away,” he continued. “He has a good, strong friendship with Camilla, who has been more than kind, compassionate and understanding throughout this whole debacle…”

“The true story is this: He quietly and without fuss agreed to remove himself from the Garter Day and sat back and allowed the press to once again maul him,” Sean explained. “All the while, his mother the queen awaits to see how her second son will cope with his new life away from royal circles.”

Sean then said that aside from the Queen, Andrew also has the support of his two daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie. 

“Andrew once again retreated into the background simply [because] he wants to do what is right for the monarch and more so for his mother the queen,” said Sean. “But that is not a headline seller, is it?”

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Prince Charles And Prince William Turn On Andrew

This comes after a palace insider said that Prince Charles and Prince William are adamant that Andrew not return to making public appearances. 

“There are tensions because the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge want Andrew to be kept away from any public engagements,” this insider said. “They do not want him to return to public life, full stop.”

“The [Platinum] Jubilee was such a success and they were all overwhelmed by how well everything went,” the source added. “They want to ride this wave of goodwill, not have Andrew and his scandals overshadowing the good work the rest of the family is doing.”


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