Luke Rockhold has an interesting way of preparing for his UFC 278 return.

Rockhold told Submission Radio he is using marijuana and mushrooms “four days a week.”

Rockhold, a former UFC champion, meets Paulo Costa.

“It’s been lately (after training),” Rockhold said. “I kind of use marijuana to kind of isolate, and I don’t get any need or want to go do other things, you know what I mean? It just kind of isolates me, hyper focuses me on my goal and be on a one-track mind. And then I tried some mushrooms, and it enhances my focus within that space. So, that’s great. It’s like, boom, branches me out. It hyper-focuses me in on weed, for training, and then you take the mushrooms to expand your thought processes within that space.

“[I’m taking mushrooms] four days a week. I don’t know. Every day? I don’t know. I take them when I run. You use them post training. I use them for cardiovascular kind of focused training, I’d say. That’s my thing. You know, you just really analyze, digest what you’re doing, and it gives you perspective, a lot of perspective on your training.

“This is the first one (training camp) I’ve really incorporated [them]. No, I used it a little bit in the past, but never like this.”

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