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It’s been nearly twenty years since the country music legend Johnny Cash passed away at the age of 81, but his legacy continues to live on to this day. Now, his son John Carter Cash is speaking out to talk about his father’s strong Christian faith, something that many of his fans likely do not know about.

Johnny Cash’s Faith 

When asked by Fox News about how Cash’s faith helped get him through the various challenges that he faced in life, Carter Cash replied by saying that “faith is a continuing relationship that you nurture. And it’s something he always returned to, even during the most difficult moments of his life.”

“At the end of his life, when my mother passed away, my father found the endurance to continue through faith,” he added. “And he was still making music. That was directly in line with what he learned when he was a boy and would go to church.”

June Carter, to whom Cash was married for 35 years, passed away in May of 2003, and he followed her four months later in September.

“He went through the pain of losing his brother at 14 when my dad was 12,” Carter Cash continued of his father. “And his brother had great faith in God. My father would always go back to what he learned when he was young and how he made it through those initial hardships. Even at the end of his days, he found that certainty in his faith. He always maintained hope even during the greatest hardships of his life. That always endured.”

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Faith’s Role In The Cash Marriage

Carter Cash went on to say that faith played a major role in his parents’ marriage.

“They were a brother and sister in God, and that was one of the foundations of their relationship,” he explained. “They read scriptures together, they read poetry together. They found meaning in life through faith as friends first. And it’s something that stayed with them all their lives.”

Though many have said that Johnny and June had the perfect love story, Carter Cash was quick to dispel that. 

“They were human, they were not perfect,” he said. “And they were the first to let you know that. There was a mystery that developed around my parents later on. The movies made them larger than life.”

“But the fact of the matter is that the simple things – the love, the hope, the togetherness, the kinship that they had as a brother and sister in Christ – these are the things that they kept going back to as husband and wife,” Carter Cash added. “And they didn’t live happily ever after. My parents had troubles and addictions and all these different things that, in some ways, ruled their life. But they came back to God. And that’s what made them who they were.”

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Cash Felt That Faith Was His Greatest Legacy

Despite all of Cash’s accomplishments in the music world, his son believes that his father would say that his greatest legacy was his faith.

“I think he knew what really mattered in life,” Carter Cash said. “In the end, you’re not going to bring that with you. In the end, what’s going to matter is that you did good for your loved ones. His lasting faith was his greatest legacy. Larry King asked my dad on live television what the most important legacy he had was, and how he would like to be remembered. His answer was simply, ‘As a good father.’ And as a father, he was a wonderful one. And so in that, he was successful.”

There truly will never be another star like Johnny Cash. While he is dearly missed on this Earth, we can all find comfort in knowing that he has been reunited with his beloved June and that they are both with God. 

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