Here’s How Queen Elizabeth Finds Peace

Queen Elizabeth has been extremely busy for the 70 years she's been on the British throne, but there is one way she finds peace.

Queen Elizabeth celebrated her record-breaking seventy years on the British throne last month with a Platinum Jubilee. Now, a renowned royal expert is speaking out to reveal some behind-the-scenes information about the Queen, revealing how she finds peace.

‘So Much Fascination Around The Queen’

Over the Platinum Jubilee weekend, True Royalty TV premiered the U.S. exclusive documentary “The Queen Unseen,” which includes rare footage and home movies depicting the British royal family. 

“There’s so much fascination around the queen and her 70 years on the throne – she’s the longest-serving British monarch ever,” True Royalty TV co-founder Nick Bullen told Fox News

“We just felt that we had to deliver something different for our audience,” he added. “It’s just the most wonderful insight into the queen while she’s off duty, so to speak. You get to see a side of her that you normally don’t expect to see.”

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Check out a trailer for this documentary below.

How The Queen Finds Peace

Bullen went on to talk more about who the 96-year-old Queen is behind the scenes.

“The truth is the queen has always been a country woman who loves her dogs, loves her horses, loves her cattle, loves being surrounded by nature,” he explained. “When you put her in that element, she’s at her most relaxed. She can truly be herself. 

“You know, as queen, the crown never comes off,” Bullen added. “So she relishes those moments where she can just be truly herself, a family woman in the countryside. She’s the head of state, but she’s also a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother who enjoys laughing, having fun, and looking after her family and animals.”

Queen Treasures ‘Private Moments’

Bullen then revealed that his favorite part of the documentary was footage of the Queen on vacation. 

“It’s very rare to see her away from the crowds,” he said. “She truly treasures those private moments when she’s just with her family and enjoying them. So it’s very rare to find that kind of footage.”

“But these home movies take you into her world,” Bullen continued. “And you feel like you’re very much a part of it. There’s no iPhone, no paparazzi in the bushes. It’s just her. And that’s what’s truly exciting.”

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Queen’s Latest Record 

NPR reported that last month, the Queen became the second-longest reigning monarch in all of world history. French King Louis XIV holds the distinction of being the longest-reigning monarch ever, being King for 72 years after he took the throne at the age of four and dying in 1715. 

The Queen just surpassed the lengthy reign of former Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who ruled from 1946 until he passed away in 2016. 

The Queen is a truly incredible woman who has devoted her life to serving others. We hope and pray that she continues to sit on the British throne for many years to come!

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