Edge's WWE TV Return
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Edge has been away from WWE TV since the June 6th edition of Monday Night RAW. It was at that point in time that his Judgment Day stable turned on him, with new leader Finn Balor jumping on board. A new report hints at when the Rated-R Superstar may return to television.

Edge’s Return To WWE TV?

As per Fightful Select, Edge will return to WWE television soon. In fact, it looks as if his comeback will occur during the July 25th episode of RAW, taking place at Madison Square Garden (MSG).

This should be a huge show as it is. RAW hasn’t broadcasted from MSG since September 9, 2019.

It’s important to note that there is no confirmation if Edge will “appear” in person on the July 25th MSG RAW show. However, his return has been hinted at since July 2nd when cryptic vignettes began appearing with the Rated-R Superstar’s past opponents.

More Information On Edge’s Return To WWE TV

The WWE hasn’t yet stated these vignettes are about Edge, which has caused a ton of buzz among fans on who it could it. With that said, Fightful is confirming that Edge is the superstar within the vignettes, which began during the Money in the Bank (MITB) pay-per-view (PPV).

It’s important to note that Edge’s return date could be revealed on July 25th, versus him being at MSG for an in-person appearance. Fans will have to wait and see.

Over to women’s wrestling news, during a recent interview, Nia Jax recently talked about a variety of things, including what her wrestling future holds. See story, below.

Nia Jax Wrestling Future Unknown

Jax has been quite busy since her WWE release in late 2021. She’s created her own BrandArmy website, providing fans with premium content.

Edge's WWE TV Return

Source: @ChandranTheMan, Twitter, Screenshot

Plus, she seemingly *almost* returned to wrestling. However, the Wrestling Entertainment Series she was supposed to be a part of, crumbled before it started.

Nia recently appeared on the Wives of Wrestling podcast. She notes that she would be open to wrestling again but doing it full-time is out of the question.

This is due to the “toll” the business took on her. She does note that she wouldn’t mind going back for a short run, to do a fun story or help put someone over.

Nia Jax’s History With the WWE

Jax entered the land of WWE in 2014, debuting in NXT. She’d move over to the main roster by joining Monday Night RAW in 2016.

During her eight years as a WWE superstar, she enjoyed a nice career. She’d become RAW Women’s Champion once, and won the Women’s Tag Titles twice, with Shayna Baszler.

According to reports, Nia asked for time away from the company in 2021. When she was granted that she would ask for an extension, and then was released.

Will Nia ever step into that squared circle again? It sounds like if the right opportunity came by, she’d jump at the chance for a quick run.

With that said, it seems like she’s enjoying some success, doing her own thing right now. Only time will tell.

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