Jungle Boy Injured
Source: @WrestlePurists, Twitter, Screenshot

AEW continues to have problems, with Jungle Boy being the latest injured wrestler. And, Jeff Hardy is one mishap from losing his job.

Jungle Boy Injured

Anyone who watches AEW frequently could see Christian Cage was going to turn on Jungle Boy sand Luchasaurus. It happened this week and it might have been done to write Jungle Boy off TV.

According to the Wrestling Observer’s daily update, Jungle Boy is injured. They did not disclose other information like the extent or how long he will be out of action.

Certainly, this is a major blow to AEW as he was considered a pillar of the company. Also, the injury streak continues in AEW.

Other names dealing with injuries include CM Punk, Kenny Omega, Bryan Danielson and Adam Cole.

Whenever Jungle Boy returns, a feud is already set with Christian Cage. After such momentum, the feud with Christian should help elevate Jungle Boy close towards singles gold.

Jeff Hardy On Thin Ice Says Tony Khan

Jungle Boy Injured

Source: @WrestlePurists, Twitter, Screenshot

Jeff Hardy will be remembered for his insane spots and being a favorite amongst fans. At the same time, his personal life will be part of that story.

It is no secret that Hardy has bailed drug and alcohol addiction. He has been arrested numbers times, lost his job and even spent time behind bars.

Despite all that, the fans are still pulling for Hardy. Currently, he is member of the AEW roster and is suspended without pay.

Earlier in the month, Hardy was arrested for his third DUI in about five years. He still has to go to court, where there is a good chance a jail sentence will be recommended. 

Jeff left WWE after some odd behavior at a live event. Basically, he tagged out during a match and left through the crowd.

WWE wanted to send Hardy to rehab, but he refused. Despite passing a drug test, he was still let go from the company.

So, it was natural he would join AEW with his brother, Matt Hardy. So far, The Hardy Boys have done well in the tag division.

Tony Kahn’s Statement  

Hardy’s latest setback will also be his only chance in AEW. Tony Khan addressed the matter during a media scream for Forbidden Door.

“I’m really glad nobody got hurt,” said Khan, “But, what Jeff did going out and driving is different from the other thing.” 

“And I just don’t like hearing them the two compared, if that makes sense. I feel like I’d be remiss if I didn’t give Jeff a lot of credit for now doing the right thing.” 

“And this is what we said — Jeff’s got to do the right thing if he wants to stay with AEW. Because it’s his last chance.”

Really, Hardy is one screwup away being let go by AEW. Thankfully, he is getting the help he needs.

We have seen this pattern many times before with Jeff. Hopefully, this time he can finally rid himself of those demons.