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The openly conservative country music star Jason Aldean recently moved to Florida with his wife Brittany and their two young children. In a new interview, Aldean opened up about this move and let his fans know that his family is loving life in their new home state.

Aldean Talks Florida Move 

“We bought [our Florida home] in February, and this is the first chance we’ve had to come down here and stay,” Aldean told Music Mayhem.  “We’re still getting the house ready, and learning the area, but we love it down here.”

Aldean went on to say that his 4 year-old son Memphis and 3 year-old daughter Navy are particularly enjoying the pool at their new home. 

“For them, they love the pool. Memphis is big into finding pirate treasure,” Aldean said. “So we got him a metal detector, and we’ll go down to the beach to find some pirate treasure. Sometimes it’s me throwing a few quarters so he finds something.”

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Has Memphis Found Any Treasure Yet?

When asked if Memphis had actually found any pirate treasure yet with his metal detector, Aldean replied, “No, and actually he hasn’t found all the quarters I leave, so I’m actually down some money!”


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Aldean had revealed back in March that he and his wife remodeled their new Florida house.

“Well, we’ve had a couple houses in Florida and so we actually just bought a house,” he told Music Mayhem at the time. “We’re not building one, but we bought one down there that we’re kind of having some stuff done to it and we haven’t stayed in it yet though. I love it.”

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Aldean Partly Grew Up In Florida 

While Aldean is from Macon, Georgia, he spent part of his childhood in Florida after his parents divorced when he was a toddler. 

“I grew up in Macon, I was born there and raised there with my mom, my parents divorced when I was three, my mom stayed in Macon and my dad lived in Florida,” Aldean explained. 

“So I kind of grew up in both places and anytime it starts getting warm I like to be at the beach somewhere and it’s kind of my happy place,” he added. “And so I’ll probably always have a house down there somewhere, it’s just kind of my favorite place to be.”


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As proud conservatives who openly supported Donald Trump during his presidency, Aldean and his wife are undoubtedly happy to be living in a state run by Republicans. We hope that they continue to enjoy their Florida home for a long time to come!

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