Jared Cannonier is ready for his moment in the sun.

Cannonier challenges Israel Adesanya for the UFC title at UFC 276 later this year.

He recently talked with Submission Radio about his fight and how he feels it will go in his favor.

“I wouldn’t say that I learned anything or, or noticed anything from him. I just, I just noticed how he, I mean, I just see the human being that he is, you know, especially watching him from, as a future opponent, you know?,” he said. “I just see him as a human being. I see him definitely, fighting to his, fighting to his reputation, if you will. You know, he was in there trying to take Robert’s head off. He was throwing some nasty shots in there. They weren’t landing because Robert has good movement and he makes it a little bit chaotic, but, I saw that, I saw the energy. I saw the energy.

“So, the dude was in there trying to work, trying to put it on him. And I foresee him trying to do that to me. Maybe even the worst way, which is why he thinks it’s gonna be easy. He thinks it’s gonna work because you know, they keep playing on this heavyweight thing and that he’s a heavyweight and stuff like that, but even, I mean, me being a heavyweight is due to undisciplined, not due to my lack of skill, not due to my, knowledge of what we’re doing here.

“So, it’s gonna be a completely different fight. I’m a completely different fighter. I’m a completely different fighter depending on who I’m fighting as well, and that’s one thing, people don’t really, people don’t recognize. So, when I fight, I’m gonna fight to the ability that he’s gonna bring out of me, you know?

“But more than that, I’m going in there with a goal. It’s gonna be a different fight. You know what I’m saying? I’m not trying to go to the decisions. I’m not trying to go to the scorecards, I ain’t trying to have five round wars with him. He’s too fucking good. You know what I’m saying? The longer I’m in there with him, the better chance he has to winning and vice versa, the longer he’s in there with me, the more chances I’m gonna have for winning. And I ain’t trying to go in there and have no wars, man.

“I ain’t trying to shorten my career. I’m already up there in ages as people seem to think, but I’m trying to have a longer, long career, man. I foresee myself being, old gray gripping ass gray fro, with a big ass gray beard, ripped, chiseled to the fucking bone, maybe a few battle wounds, I already got some with a big ass fucking ax or a sword. You know what I’m.

“Some, some type shit like that. You know what I’m saying? That’s, how I see myself. If I were to put a point on the future, that’s one thing I’m shooting for right there. You know what I’m saying? So, yeah I’m trying to go in there and make it easy. I mean and I can say here and gloat on myself and how I’m going to make it easy but we’ve heard that before, I’m just going go in there and do what the fuck I do, I’m going to go in there and do what I train to do and give it the best that I have and I know that’s going to be enough.”


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