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Glenn Close is one of the most decorated and respected actresses in Hollywood. The eight-time Academy Award nominee is known for her powerfully intense, yet grounded performances. Perhaps her ability to channel rage and poise all at once comes from her absolutely wild upbringing, which included being in a cult.

Let’s dive more into Glenn Close’s secret family history.

Glenn Close Grew Up In A Cult

Glenn Close grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut as part of a generationally wealthy family. Her family lived in a cottage on the massive estate of her grandmother. 

When Glenn was 7 her parents joined a group called the “Moral Re-Armament” (MRA). Close says the MRA was a cult that dictated every decision for its members. Founded by American Minister Frank Buchman, the MRA was an offshoot of Buchman’s “Oxford Group.” Buchman received criticism for his group, with many religious leaders questioning the individualist nature of the religion and its recruiting of high-profile celebrities. 

The group rebranded as “Initiatives for Change” in 2001 and has all but abandoned the religious components of its founder. 

Mental Health Struggles

Close’s family has a history of mental illness. She herself has been open and honest about her mental health struggles, even cutting advertisements to raise mental health awareness. She was inspired to raise awareness due to her sister’s battle with bipolar disorder. 

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Who Is Glenn Close’s Father, William Close?

Glenn’s father, Dr. William Close was a physician. He worked as a surgeon before opening a clinic in the Belgian Congo and befriend and became the personal physician of Mobutu Sese Seko, the leader and later dictator of Zaire. He also served as Mobutu’s personal pilot and security chief as well as running the nation’s largest hospital. 

Adding to the bizarreness of Close’s story are fringe theories that state that Dr.Close and the MRA were part of a CIA operation to control African dictators. 

His work in the Congo helped Close work with CDC epidemiologists and other medical professionals to stop a deadly outbreak of the Ebola virus that had a 90% fatality rate. Close’s work saved countless lives. 

Close’s work also helped further research about the spread and origin of HIV. 

Later in his life, Close would move to the small town of Big Piney Wyoming, where he became the town doctor until is death in 2009.

Close would leave the MRA at 22 and resent her father for the tolls the religion took on her and her siblings. 

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