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After appearing in the 2004 box office bomb The Stepford Wives, Faith Hill thought that she was done with acting forever. Until the script for the show “1883” came her way, that is.

Hill Thought She’d ‘Never’ Act Again

While appearing on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” this week, Hill said that though working on The Stepford Wives was an amazing experience, she came out of it thinking that she did not like the slow nature of filmmaking. 

“It wasn’t the best experience, so I said, ‘I will never ever, ever, ever, do another, anything like that, a movie’ I have to be busy, doing stuff,” Hill explained, according to Daily Mail.

“Hurry up and wait,” host Kelly Clarkson said in agreement. 

Hill went on to say that she performed in plays constantly as a child, but she left that all behind when she discovered her love for singing.

“My career took off, no time, had babies, kept on having babies, felt like I was having babies all the time,” she explained. 

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Hill Returns To Acting With ‘1883’

It wasn’t until over a decade after The Stepford Wives that Hill decided to try her hand at acting again, but she struggled to find the right projects. 

“I did an independent thing called ‘Dixieland.’ I’ve read a lot of scripts over the years and nothing hit me or the timing wasn’t right,” she recalled.

That all changed when “1883,” which is a prequel to the hit show “Yellowstone,” came her way. 

“For the script to have been so incredibly well-written,” Hill explained, “I honestly had never read anything like that. So we just made the decision to do it.” 

Watch Hill explain this further in the video below.

Hill’s Rules For Acting With Husband Tim McGraw

On the show, Hill and her real-life husband Tim McGraw play husband and wife James and Margaret Dutton.

“Were you excited to be doing it together?” Clarkson asked, to which Hill surprisingly responded, “Well, I’m intimidated by him, because he is an amazing actor.”

“I did have the rule, for me, personally, because we’ve been together for so long and we are together all the time…” Hill continued, going on to sarcastically add, “It’s glorious…,” but Hill said that she told McGraw, “Look, if we’re going to do this together, we cannot run lines together, ever… We cannot talk about the scene that we’re filming tomorrow, ever.”

“In my opinion, the only way for me to bring… to make it feel real and authentic, it had be when the cameras are rolling, we’re on set, that was the first time I met James,” she explained. 

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Check out Hill’s comments about this in the video below.

‘1883’ Is Coming Back

People Magazine reported that days before the season finale came out in February, Paramount+ announced that the originally slated nine-episode series will not actually be ending and that more episodes will be coming out in the future. 

“The incredible storytelling and stellar performances behind 1883 have fueled phenomenal new records for Paramount+. We look forward to bringing fans even more of the Duttons’ origin story,” said Tanya Giles, chief programming officer for ViacomCBS Streaming.

We’re so glad that Hill decided to give acting a try again with “1883,” and we can’t wait to see more episodes of this iconic series in the future!

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