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While “1883,” the Paramount+ spinoff of Taylor Sheridan’s “Yellowstone,” was supposed to just be a limited series, star Tim McGraw is open to doing more seasons of it.

If he does do another, however, he might want to remember himself that he needs to shower, rather than having his wife and co-star Faith Hill remind him to do so as she did during filming of the first season!

Is McGraw Up For Another Season Of ‘1883?’

“It’s sort of a 50/50 toss up in my mind,” McGraw told Variety, when asked if he’s up for another season. “Do I want to do it again or was it too much work to do it again? I was doing some shows in the middle of it. I would work till 5 or 6 in the afternoon and then fly out and go do a concert and get home at 3 in the morning and be up at 4 and start all over again. So if I were to do that again, I wouldn’t be doing shows at the same time. That’s for sure.”

McGraw went on to say that he’s not sure what his and Hill’s characters of James and Margaret Dutton would even be doing in season 2. 

“Look, we’d done all the river crossings, all the snake bites, all the shootouts,” McGraw said. “Just about everything you could do in a western, we did in the first season. So I don’t know how you could continue to do that in another season and make it interesting.”

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McGraw Had To Be Reminded To Shower 

Even so, McGraw has fond memories of filming “1883,” which he committed himself so fully too that he sometimes forgot to shower! 

“There were a few times that my wife forced me to take a shower while we were shooting , because I wanted to stay in character as best I could,” he remembered. “She’s like, ‘I don’t care about Method. You stink!’”

McGraw then talked about how he and Hill were cast on the show, recalling when he was first asked by Sheridan if he wanted the role. 

“I said, ‘I would be interested in it only if it was something really cool because I don’t want to be like some singing cowboy that comes through the bunk house and gets taken to the train station,’” McGraw recounted.“He said ‘Give me a week.’ So a week later he called and he had this idea of doing flashbacks on ‘Yellowstone’ of me being the original Dutton, who founded the Yellowstone ranch.”

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Sheridan Wanted Hill As Well

Sheridan then asked if he thought Hill would be up for playing his wife. 

“So I asked her and I called him back and said, ‘Yeah, we talked about it,'” McGraw recalled. “We were like, ‘We’ll go spend a couple weeks in Montana. We’ll shoot a couple flashbacks. We’ll have fun. We like the show. That’ll be the end of it.’”

Given how popular both “1883” and “Yellowstone” are, there’s no doubt that fans would be very excited for another “1883” season. Here’s hoping McGraw can make that happen at some point in the future! 

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