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During the premiere of his new Amazon Prime series “The Terminal List” on Wednesday, the Hollywood star Chris Pratt stepped up to honor some World War II veterans in a truly beautiful way.

Pratt Meets World War II Veterans

Daily Mail reported that Pratt, 43, took the time to shake the hands of some World War II veterans who were attending the premiere.

“This is a wonderful group of extraordinary men of the greatest generation,” Pratt said. “These are World War II veterans and every year they take a pilgrimage back to Normandy.”

“Thrilled to see them here,” he continued. “It was a surprise to me, I didn’t know they were going to be here. And it was an opportunity to kind of just catch up with them. I’ve been following their story. And I saw them and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, we got to spend time together.'”

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Pratt went on to say that he would like to spend more time with these veterans in the future.

“You know, there’s not enough time in the world,” he said. “Certainly on a press line where everything’s fifteen second bites. I’d like to really sit down and really, really talk with them and honor them for their great sacrifice.”

One clip shows Pratt shaking hands with a uniformed veteran who told him that he had been a member of the U.S. Army who was stationed in the Pacific. 

“You look fantastic, you look sharp,” Pratt told him. “You look fantastic sir, thank you.”

Pratt Has An ‘Absolute Affinity For Our Navy SEAL Community’

Pratt told Reuters that he has an “absolute affinity for our Navy SEAL community, for our men and women in uniform and especially for our special operators and all the go through and all they sacrifice.”

While walking the red carpet, the Jurassic World: Dominion star posed for photos with veterans including The Terminal List author and former Navy SEAL Jack Carr, United States Army Green Beret Nate Boyer and World War II veterans Larry Stevens, Pete Corrao, Bruce Campbell, Andre Chappaz, and Art Del Rey. 

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In “The Terminal List,” Pratt stars as Navy SEAL James Reece, whose entire platoon is killed in an ambush during a high-stakes covert mission. After returning home, Reece struggles with guilt over their deaths, and embarks on a quest to find out why the ambush really happened. The series, which premieres on July 1, also stars Taylor Kitsch, Constance Wu, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Riley Keough and Patrick Schwarzenegger.

Pratt Executive Producing Series 

Pratt is also executive producing the series, marking his first time going behind the camera. 

“Twenty years I’ve been in this business and I’ve always been acting, so I show up to do a little rehearsal, to do the fittings, step on the mark and go to work,” Pratt explained. “I kinda failed to recognize how much goes into just getting to that point! And so it was definitely eye opening and a great learning experience.”

“I think if you’re smart and you’re in this business for a long time, you want to find ways to continue to learn and continue to grow and I definitely did both of those things on this job,” he added.

It seems that veterans are getting less respect than ever these days, especially in Hollywood. God bless Pratt for stepping up to give veterans the respect they deserve! 

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