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The disgraced comedic icon Bill Cosby is back in the news and court. He was in civil court this week, defending himself against a plaintiff who says Cosby sexually assaulted the then 16-year-old at the Playboy Mansion in 1975. After deliberations, the Santa Monica, California civil jury ruled Cosby was liable for sexually assaulting the woman and was ordered to pay $500,000. 

Judith Huth’s Accusations Against Bill Cosby

According to Huth, Cosby took her to the Playboy Mansion after meeting her in a park while filming a movie. It is at the infamous Mansion where Huth alleges Cosby assaulted her. 

The jurors nearly reached a verdict on Friday but had to wait until Tuesday to give the official verdict to the judge after the courthouse shut down early. 

Cosby’s team tried to spin it as a win. I guess when you’re a millionaire, losing JUST $500,000 is a good day in court:

“This was a huge victory for us because they was looking for millions of dollars. That amount will not cover the legal bills and we will be appealing that matter. However, Mr. Cosby will not be paying punitive damages.”

Cosby and his team claim that this tsunami of lawsuits against Cosby, led by Gloria Allred and others, is a racist attempt to destroy Cosby’s reputation. 

H/T to Fox News for the quotes. 

Cosby Out of Jail

Last year, Cosby was freed from prison after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned his 2018 criminal conviction. The court that Cosby cannot be re-tired, and it remains to be seen if a court will attempt to bring other charges against him. 

Legacy Ruined?

In my opinion, the sheer number of accusers and Cosby admitting to drugging women is enough to ruin his legacy forever. This country had a reckoning with Cosby, and he will never be separated from the damage he did to countless women.

However, the fact is Cosby did do some relative good in his life, including his work strengthening African American education in America. Here’s Dave Chappelle with a unique and humorous take on Cosby’s legacy.

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