Several Big Contracts Up
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Several big contracts up at Impact Wrestling, so look for some changes coming. Also, W. Morrissey (formerly Big Cass) on the moment he knew WWE would fire him.

Several Big Contracts Up

Three of the bigger names in Impact Wrestling could be headed somewhere else shortly. The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson), Jonah and Willie Mack look to be on their way out.

The Wrestling Observer noted how The Good Brothers are not even close to re-signing. The debuted for the company at the 2020 Slammiversary pay per view.

Besides Impact Wrestling, they were also featured a bunch in AEW. The former WWE wrestlers see their current deal end two days before the Slammiversary card in July.

Jonah came to the promotions after his surprise WWE release from NXT. He lost over the weekend to Tomohiro Ishii at Rebellion.

Then, at the recent TV tapings, he dropped a Monster’s Ball Matt h to PCO. He debuted for the company back in November.

Mack has been teaming with Rich Swann as of late. He joined in October 2018 and was supposed to get a big raise the following year.

Due to finical issues, the raise never occurred. Mack might already be finished, unless he works out a per-night type of deal with the company.

Any guesses on where those with big contracts will land next?

W. Morrissey Opens Up About WWE Release

Several Big Contracts Up

Source: @WrestleTalk_TV, Twitter, Screenshot

Big Cass joined the main roster alongside Enzo. Their tag team was popular, despite backstage problems with the two.

Eventually, the duo split with Cass getting several easy wins over the much smaller Enzo. Then, Cass entered the biggest program of his life against Bryan Danielson. 

Danielson got the better, but there were other problems. Cass’ incidents backstage, and that included a promo running too long, was seen as him going into business for himself.

After the promo, Cass was backstage and saw Renee Young (now going by her real name, Renee Paquette). On The Sessions with Renee Paquette, Cass (now going as W. Morrissey) figured that segment ended his WWE career.

“Perception’s reality and I guess my perception at the time was grandiose ego or out of control,” said Morrissey. “The perception definitely wasn’t good.” 

“So. I think that when you look at that situation and you’re already very biased towards somebody because they keep f—ing up.”

“As I talked to you after, I was like ‘did I seem like I was blowing that off?’ I think everybody, the cameraman was confused.” 

“Everybody was very confused. When that happened, I kind of knew ‘this is not going to go very well for me the next month or so.’” 

“And I had numerous conversations with you in catering. I remember there was one where I said to you ‘I’m getting fired.’” 

“And you were trying to be a good friend and you’re like ‘oh no.’ And I was like ‘no, I’m definitely getting fired.’ I knew it.”

Morrissey Getting Another Chance

Morrissey was let go by WWE in June 2018. Later, his problems with alcohol became so bad, that he suffered a seizure.

Nowadays, Morrissey seems to be doing much better. He has been with Impact Wrestling for about a year and looks great. 

Also, keep an eye out on Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite. MJF hinted how Morrissey would be there to help stop Wardlow. 

As for the future, Morrissey has not ruled on another run with WWE. 

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