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Six Unique Wedding Cakes You Won’t Believe Are Real

Who wants the same old same old when you can have a unique wedding cake that will be remembered long past the last crumb?

What’s the best part of any wedding? Cake! Heck, a cake is the best part of any event where there is cake. But wedding cakes are the pinnacle of cakery. They can be tiered and decorated in all sorts of ways, and most are pretty classy. But what about a real crazy wedding cake?

What Makes A Wedding Cake Unique?

While scarfing down my cousin’s Lord of the Rings Funfetti cake, I wondered, “Who else has had unique wedding cakes, and what was the thought process behind them?”

So I set off to find out. Now I’m sharing my research with you. These unique cakes range from delightful and fun to bizarre and creepy. Check them out. 

Little Shop Of Horrors Cake 

Feed me that cake, Seymour! I love all the Audrey II cupcakes too. I just hope I  don’t have to go to the dentist.

A Giant Cookie Sandwich Cake

What’s better than a cookie sandwich? An entire cake made out of giant cookie sandwiches! The only thing that would make this better is if that was ice cream between the cookies. 

The “Business In The Front, Party In The Back” Cake

You could look at this cake from one end and think “well, that’s a perfectly normal cake.” But you turn it around and it’s a confection straight out of the Wonka Factory! It has donuts, cookies, meringues, and – Wait a minute! – do I see a few snozzberries there?


Big Book Cake 

I thought about putting a cake made out of Harry Potter books here, but I didn’t want to upset anyone. Still, this is a pretty unique cake in its own right!

“Victorian Goth Haunted Mansion” Cake 

I assume this unique cake is delivered by a woman in a veil who no one but you can see. And it turns out she has been dead and haunting your wedding venue for 100 years. 

The “Is That A Face Behind Glass?” Cake

For the serial killer couple. This cake says, “I want to creep people out but I also really like seahorses.” 

The Beef Cake

There’s Steak ‘n Shake, what about Steak ‘n Cake? I mean, cake and steak together? Why not? 

But is this a cake made to look like steak or is it a cake made out of steak?

Do you have a favorite unique wedding cake? Share a photo in the comments below.

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