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Despite each of them working in Hollywood for decades, the stars Rob and Chad Lowe had never worked together until this week, when Chad guest starred on Rob’s Fox television drama “9-1-1: Lone Star.”

‘It’s Always About Family First’

In an interview promoting the episode, Chad was asked about how he and Rob have managed to stay grounded in the crazy world of Hollywood, saying that focusing on “family first” at all times has kept them both humble. 

“Some might argue that we’re not grounded – we are in Hollywood after all,” he told Fox News with a laugh. “But I think it’s always about family first. All the other stuff is on top of family. The foundation is family. The foundation is the love that we share for one another and each other.”

“The most important thing is that bond,” he added. “Everything else grows from that bond of family. That’s always been the most important thing to us. And I think it helps to have kids of my own. It’s very humbling and it keeps me grounded. There’s nothing more grounding than having your kids call you out.”

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Working With Rob Was An ‘Incredible Experience’ For Chad

Chad described working alongside his older brother as being “an incredible experience.”

“We were able to bring our history – a lifetime of history – to these scenes and these moments that we shared on screen,” he said. “There were so much unspoken [words] going on, and yet there’s the dialogue that we’re speaking.”

“And there’s also this other life that we had, life experiences that we were able to bring,” Chad stated. “I think it’s just evident and it makes [the scenes] that much richer.”

Chad’s Favorite Memory Of Growing Up With Rob

When asked about his favorite memory of growing up with Rob, Chad replied that he “couldn’t pick just one because I literally have a lifetime full of them.”

“We would spend our summers together in Ohio with our father,” he continued. “And so our father would have to work during the day. We were just these two latchkey kids in Dayton, Ohio, in the summers, kind of running amok and getting into all sorts of trouble.”

“We were like Butch and Sundance,” Chad explained. “We were connected to the hip with everything that we did our entire childhood. We have so many shared experiences.”

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Chad concluded the interview by saying that while he doesn’t usually like to watch himself on screen, he may make an exception this time, just because of the magical experience he had working with his brother.

“I know Rob was really thrilled because he got to surf,” he said of filming the show. “I haven’t seen the whole episode yet, but I saw some of the sequences and they’re beautiful.”

It’s nice to see that even after so many years in Hollywood, Rob and Chad Lowe seem to be just like the rest of us! Here’s hoping they get the chance to work together again at some point in the future. 

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