Excalibur Video Stirs Controversy
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Excalibur sits at the AEW announce team calling matches weekly. However, he too was once an in-ring talent. Currently, an old video from his wrestling days has surfaced on social media stirring up a new controversy for him.

Old Video Stirs Excalibur Controversy

Excalibur is not new to controversy, but an old video has him looking terrible in his younger years once again. A clip from 2005 has currently gone viral on social media.

It’s from a time when Excalibur was in the PWG promotion. Back then, he played a disabled character with mental handicaps.

Approximately 17 years after the fact, the video of this character has surfaced and fans are shocked. It’s hard to watch, as Excalibur’s character mocks those who are physically and mentally handicapped.

Still, this isn’t the first time Excalibur has faced controversy over an old video. He’s been through this all before.

Excalibur Not New To Controversy & Videos

Back in 2020, an old video of Excalibur using the N-word surfaced. The announcer missed a number of weeks at AEW.

After the fact, Tony Khan noted that it was Excalibur’s choice to leave TV for that time. Will AEW’s head honcho address this latest scandal?

Excalibur retired from wrestling in 2007. While he turned to announcing at that point in time, he still kept his wrestling mask on during commentary.

He joined the AEW announce team in April 2019. He offers color commentary for Dynamite, Rampage, and Dark, as well as pay-per-views.

Over to the WWE, the good news is it seems as if Robert Roode is returning to action. The even better news is that he may come back to TV with a gimmick change.

Robert Roode Gimmick Change

After close to two months, Robert Roode returned to in-ring action this past weekend. He performed during WWE live events in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Canton, Ohio.

Excalibur Video Stirs Controversy

Source: @WrestlingNewsCo, Twitter, Screenshot

It’s important to note that Roode competed without Dolph Ziggler. Plus, he’s gone back to his “Glorious” gimmick.

Robert Roode’s last match before his hiatus was April 1st on Friday Night SmackDown. He competed in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal, before WrestleMania 38 weekend.

Plus, he competed with The Miz against Rey and Dominik Mysterio. Roode was also by Dolph Ziggler’s side during his time in NXT, where he used his “Glorious” theme song, at that point.

Is Bobby Roode “Gloriously” Back?

It’s not uncommon for WWE to use live events to “test” changing or new gimmicks. The switch may become a permanent thing if Roode got a strong reaction from the two crowds.

With that said, nothing has been made official. It’s also not known if and when Roode will return to TV. In addition, his tag team partnership with Dolph is also up in the air.

Bobby Roode entered NXT in 2016, and would eventually become NXT Champion. He would hop over to the main roster in 2017.

During his time on the main roster, he became United States Champion, 24/7 Champion, and scored both the RAW Tag Titles (twice) and the SmackDown Tag Titles. He’s had an impressive run.

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