After decades of living and working in the crazy world of Hollywood, the former “Little House on the Prairie” star Melissa Gilbert, 58, is living a simpler life with her husband in a rustic cottage on 14 acres in the Catskills Mountains.

While some would miss the hustle and bustle of Hollywood, Gilbert is saying in a new interview that she has no regrets about leaving that world behind. 

‘I Don’t Miss Hollywood’

“I don’t miss Hollywood,” Gilbert told Fox News. “I miss my relatives and friends in Los Angeles. I miss them terribly. I wish I could see them more often. I’m hoping that as things gradually open up and we don’t go backward, I’ll continue to have the freedom to go visit them when I need to.”

“I was finally able to go see my mom late last summer,” she added. “That was really impactful. I saw my kids and I saw my granddaughter in LA. I miss them. I miss my friends there.”

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Watch Gilbert reflect on her time on “Little House On The Prairie” in the video below.

Gilbert’s Daily Life

These days, Gilbert’s daily life looks quite a bit different than it did when she was a working Hollywood star.

“Mornings usually start around 7:00 a.m. with a cup of tea and some nice, peaceful meditation. Then I go out and do my chicken chores,” she explained. “That means cleaning out the chicken coop, giving the girls their treats and collecting any eggs that are in there.”

“Then I go to my garden. I look at everything that’s been planted,” Gilbert continued. “And there’s usually something that goes wrong or is broken and needs to be fixed. And we’ve all got projects to start. We’re making window boxes for the houses. We’re redoing the deck. Those projects will begin probably around four o’clock. Then we’ll stop working particularly hard, take showers and make dinner. And finally, we collapse on the couch.”

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Gilbert’s ‘Simple’ Life

Gilbert ultimately loves how “simple” her life has become since leaving Hollywood. 

“Our lives got very, very simple,” she said of herself and her husband. “Our lives are simple now, and there’s a sweetness to that simplicity. And with that simplicity comes a real love for stillness and living my life in a peaceful place. That means not fighting a natural process. Fighting a process that is as natural as aging is the opposite of peaceful.”

In the end, fighting aging like most actresses in Hollywood is not something that interests Gilbert anymore. 

‘It’s An Uphill Battle’

“It’s an uphill battle. Eventually, everyone loses,” she added. “It just does not fit in with who I am and what my life is now. It’s exhausting and it’s unnecessary. I had to find a place within myself where I could stop trying to, or feeling like I needed to be what everybody else wanted me to be and be exactly who I am.”

“This is me now — no hair color, no filler, no implants, no Botox,” she concluded. “I just take care of myself. I try to eat as well as I can. I drink a lot of water. And I’m really enjoying the aging process because of that.”

We’re so happy to see that just like her “Little House On The Prairie” character Laura Ingalls Wilder, Gilbert has learned to love the simple life! We would like to wish her and her family many more years of happiness in their quaint little cottage. 

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