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Former Superstar Gets Promoted, Johnny Ace Has A Soft Side

In some good news, on former Superstar gets himself a promotion. Plus, for all the bad he might have done, Johnny Ace has a soft side.

Hard work can pay off, as one former Superstar reportedly gets a promotion. Plus, showing it is not all bad news, we’ve learned that Johnny Ace has a soft side.

Former Superstar Gets Promoted

While some talent is storming off, one former Superstar gets promoted.

OK, fine, this promotion is not at all tied to, or related at all to, the issues with Sasha Banks and Naomi.

Well, except that all involved have been working on RAW.

former superstar gets promotion
source: @ariyadaivari, twitter, screenshot

While the tag champs stormed off of RAW this week, it seems one former Superstar gets promoted.

The former Superstar is still around WWE, and has been working backstage for RAW.

Recently, Ariya Daivari landed a gig trying out as a WWE producer. During that phase, any producer who is trying out usually gets a veteran producer as their training wheels.

It was no different for Daivari. But according to Fightful, as of this week’s tapings, Ariya Daivari was flying solo.

That would seem to indicate that the former Superstar gets himself a promotion, an indication he’s been doing well in his new role.

Thus far it seems his efforts have been mostly on display on Main Event and similar tapings, but you have to start somewhere.

New faces, new names and new ideas in matches is never a bad idea.

Johnny Ace Has A Soft Side

Now, some WWE top brass have earned a bad reputation…but it seems Johnny Ace indeed has a soft side.

So says Jillian Hall, via her own Twitter feed.

It is so easy for fans of WWE to find bad news about the company.

former superstar gets promotion
source: @wrestlingnewsco, twitter, screenshot

Whether it’s the mass releases…or talent having a choice and taking the exit. There are a lot of bad stories out there.

We don’t even have to dig that deep, as the most recent RAW gave us the latest concerning story.

For all the concerning tidbits we’ve heard about WWE in recent years, it’s nice to see that John Laurinaitis did, and likely still does, have a soft side.

There are business decisions, and then there are good human decisions.

When a former WWE talent suffers a miscarriage, that requires a good human decision, and John Laurinatis did what was the right thing to do.

Still, some fans ripped Hall for actually giving WWE some good publicity…proving once again, some fans won’t ever be happy.

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