Craziest Conspiracy Theories

Who doesn’t love a good conspiracy theory? It’s fun to speculate that there are shadowy forces or massive government cover-ups. And while there are undoubtedly a lot of conspiracy theories that turned out to be true, a lot of the fun in conspiracy theories lies in trying to see how “out there” you can get. Sometimes digging into conspiracy theories can you take you to some theories that aren’t just bizarre, they are flat out hilarious. 

These are conspiracy theories that are so far out there that even a lot of hardcore conspiracy theorists dismiss them or think of them as silly jokes. 

Here are five absolutely bonkers conspiracy theories that you didn’t know existed. 

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The Earth Is Hollow 

Forget about the Earth being flat. How about the Earth being carved out in the middle? 

In the 18th century, scientists genuinely debated whether or not the Earth had a hollowed-out center.  But various experiments eventually proved that the Earth was filled with rock and a liquid iron core. 

But the theory remains, with some believing that there is an entire subterranean culture underneath our feet. An even more outrageous version of this is the Concave Earth Theory, which states that Earth itself surrounds a core with the “sun” at the center. 

The Moon Is Fake

Forget the Moon landing being fake. That’s low-level. A REAL conspiracy theory is that not only were the landings fake, but the Moon itself isn’t real. Common reasoning for believing in a fake moon is flat earth. Theorists believe that since the earth is flat, the powers that be need to put up a projection of the moon in order to keep up the charade. 

Stevie Wonder Isn’t Blind 

Has Stevie Wonder been faking his blindness this whole time? There are a few people who believe it. Their evidence is that Wonder, who is famously totally blind, has in several instances taken pictures. 

Also this instance of Wonder catching a falling mic stand.

Finland Isn’t Real 

This conspiracy theory boils down to this: There is no actual landmass where Finland allegedly is. Instead, Finland was created by Japanese whaling companies so they could hunt in the Baltic Sea without risk of being discovered.

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