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Candace Cameron Bure of “Full House” and “Fuller House” fame has long been known as one of the most devoutly Christian actresses in Hollywood. Now, in a new interview with her brother Kirk Cameron, Cameron Bure is opening up about how her joy in life “comes from God.’

Cameron Bure Opens Up About Her ‘Joy’

While Cameron joked that his sister takes “joy supplements” when she wakes up each morning, she explained that though she’s not happy inside every day, she’s always filled with joy. 

“I think it’s good to define the difference between joy and happiness,” she said, according to Christian Headlines. “Joy is a goodness that comes from inside you that sustains you when your circumstances around you are tough, are bad – when they are unhappy circumstances.”

“Happiness is conditionally based,” she added. “Happiness means that the external things around you are going well. And that can change at any moment.”

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Joy ‘Comes From God’

Cameron Bure went on to admit that there are days when she does not feel happy “because the things going on around me might not be great.”

“But I still have joy inside of me,” she said. “Because joy is never dependent upon my circumstances. And the joy that I have as a believer and a Christian comes from God.”

“It’s knowing that I am at peace with Him, I’m justified before Him, He walks with me, His Spirit is upon me,” Cameron Bure continued. It’s knowing my future that’s in heaven. It’s having an eternal perspective. That’s where I find my joy when my circumstances are difficult.”

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The Source Of Cameron Bure’s Joy

Cameron Bure then said that the source of her joy is “salvation in Jesus Christ.”

“That’s why it’s so important that we spend time in God’s Word every day, to renew our minds, renew our spirits, to encourage us to keep reminding ourselves of God’s truth, and not allow the world to tell us what it thinks is truth,” she said. “Because the world is ever-changing. And God never changes.”

When asked how she “recharges,” Cameron Bure told her brother that she does so by spending quiet moments with God. 

“I need to be quiet, I need to be still, I need to spend time with the Lord and pray,” she said. “And that might look like, you know, 10 minutes, it might be an hour, it might be half the day in bed, just reading my Bible. It just depends.”

Check out this full interview for yourself below. 

God bless Cameron Bure for continuing to be so open about her Christian faith. If only there were more Christian role models in Hollywood like her! 

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