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Candace Cameron Bure grew up right before America’s eyes as a child star on her sitcom “Full House” in the 1980s and 1990s. That’s why it may come as a surprise to many fans that she just celebrated her 46th birthday on Wednesday!

Cameron Bure’s ‘Full House’ Co-Star’s Birthday Message

One of Cameron Bure’s best birthday wishes came from Andrea Barber, who played Kimmy Gibbler on “Full House” and its spinoff “Fuller House.”

Dressed in a bacon and eggs scarf that Kimmy wore in season 1 of “Fuller House,” Barber stayed in character throughout the entire birthday message that she posted to Instagram. Barber poked fun at Jodie Sweetin’s character of Stephanie Tanner, with whom her character always had tension.

“Way to phone it in, Stephanie. She can’t call you herself or do her own Cameo for you,” Barber said, referring to the site that allows celebrities to give personalized messages to fans. She went on to say that Stephanie’s behavior only shows that Kimmy is the best friend of D.J. Tanner, who Cameron Bure portrayed.

“Anyways, I guess I’m just securing my place as favorite She-Wolf,” she said, with “She-Wolf” being a term that D.J., Kimmy, and Stephanie used to describe their friendship. 

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Barber even did her famous “Gibbler Gallop” dance in honor of her friend’s big day. 

 “I’m sorry that I can’t celebrate there with you right now but don’t worry, I’ll return to the Tanner house very soon because I just can’t stay away,” she concluded. “Like a boomerang, I just keep coming back.” 


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More Birthday Messages Pour In

Other birthday wishes have been pouring in for Cameron Bure as well:

Cameron Bure Still Mourning Bob Saget

This comes at a difficult time for Cameron Bure, as she is still mourning the death of her “Full House” dad Bob Saget, who passed away suddenly back in January at the age of 65. Last month, she reunited with her “Full House” family at 90s Con to mourn him. 

“We were really excited to be with each other … We normally would work every day on ‘Fuller House’ and see each other every single day,” Cameron Bure told Today. “And we finished ‘Fuller’ right before the pandemic, so it’s been a couple years that we got to hang out. So no playlist because we wanted to talk and laugh.”

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“This is very healing, this trip for us. Just to be together,” Barber said at the time, with Cameron Bure adding, “That was kind of the reason, one of the big reasons, we all said yes to it… To be together because it helps the healing and the grief.”

Our thoughts continue to be with Cameron Bure and her friends as they mourn Saget, but we would also like to wish her a very happy birthday, and many more to come! 

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