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On Thursday, the country music star Brad Paisley made his last appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show, which is currently in its final season. During this appearance, Paisley was quick to praise DeGeneres, saying that “she changed TV.”

Paisley Recalls First Appearance On DeGeneres’ Show

“This is great to have you here to say goodbye because you started here on the first season with us,” DeGeneres said, according to Fox News

Paisley, 49, recalled that when he first appeared on the show back in 2004, he was afraid that DeGeneres would “make him dance.”

“I remember the buzz,” Paisley stated. “She changed TV, folks, she really did. It was the most fun thing you could do in the daytime.”

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Paisley Discusses His Family

In this same interview, Paisley revealed that he had gotten his wife, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, a stool that is supposed to look like a large piece of corn for their nineteenth wedding anniversary.

“It’s such a great anniversary gift for anyone thinking of doing that,” Paisley said.

“Anyone wanting to end the marriage,” DeGeneres joked, to which Paisley replied, “I’ve been trying!”

Paisley and his wife are the parents of two sons William, 15, and Jasper, 13. The country music star told DeGeneres that his oldest son is now old enough to have a driving permit.

“I think he’s a little scared of it, which is fine,” Paisley explained. “I am too.”

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Paisley’s First Driving Experience 

As for his own first experience with driving, Paisley remembered that he drove some of his friends to the movie theater just a few days after he passed his driving test. While he thought at the time that his parents were “super calm,” he later found out that they followed him all the way to the theater to make sure he was driving safely.

“I came home, and they were out of breath leaning on the kitchen counter going, ‘How was the movie?’ And they had just barely beaten me home,” Paisley recounted.

DeGeneres responded by saying that not only would she have done the same thing, but she would likely also be following her children until they were 30 if she was a mother.

It was announced in May of 2021 that “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” would be coming to an end after its current 19th season. This came after the show weathered a major scandal, with staffers claiming that it fostered a work environment that was incredibly toxic. 

The final episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” is set to air on May 26. 

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