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Source: Screenshot, GBN News, ('Dan Wootton Tonight')

Thomas Markle, the father of Meghan Markle, told GB News yesterday that Prince Harry is an “idiot.” He also thinks it’s “ridiculous” that Harry might not come to Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee. (See the full video at the end of this article.)

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Markle said that Harry’s reasoning for avoiding the event – Harry said he’s worried about security – is absurd because “[Harry] knows how much security they’re going to have” and “he’s going to the Games.”

Markle made the statements in an interview in which he announced that he will be attending the Jubilee, where he hopes to meet Prince Charles. Markle says Charles and he have a lot in common, as they’ve both been “ghosted” by their children.

Much Ado About Nothing?

Many GB News viewers were critical of the interview, which the network said would “rock the royals.” Presenter Dan Wootton, who conducted the interview, called it a “bombshell interview” in a tweet.

But it seems that many in the audience don’t find Markle’s continued disdain for his daughter and her husband to be bombshell-worthy coverage.


Markle Hasn’t Had A Close Relationship With His Daughter For Some Time

Markle has been critical of his daughter, Meghan Markle, and Prince Harry for years. Their relationship has deteriorated to the point where Markle says he does not believe he’ll ever be allowed to meet his grandchildren. 

But not everyone is sympathetic to his plight. Some see the situation as one he’s created himself by constantly criticizing his daughter.

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Where Do You Stand?

What do you think about Thomas Markle? Watch the interview and let us know.

Is he the good guy, the bad guy, or neither? 

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