Oscar-winning Hollywood star Sean Penn shocked everyone this week by announcing that he is “thinking about taking up arms against Russia” to defend Ukraine from the invasion that is currently taking place.


Sean Penn Intends To Return To Ukraine

Penn, 61, recently spent months in Ukraine filming a documentary for VICE.

Backstory: Why Is Sean Penn In Ukraine?

Now that he’s home, Daily Mail reports that the Mystic River star he has every intention of going back to fight. 

“The only possible reason for me staying in Ukraine longer last time would’ve been for me to be holding a rifle, probably without body armor, because as a foreigner, you would want to give that body armor to one of the civilian fighters who doesn’t have it or to a fighter with more skills than I have, or to a younger man or woman who could fight for longer or whatever,” Penn told Hollywood Authentic.

“So, where I am in life is short of doing that, but if you’ve been in Ukraine [fighting] has to cross your mind. And you kind of think what century is this?” he added. “Because I was at the gas station in Brentwood the other day and I’m now thinking about taking up arms against Russia? What the f— is going on?” 

Watch Sean Penn talk to Fox News host Sean Hannity about the invasion of Ukraine in the video below.

Sean Penn Met Ukrainian President Zelensky

After Russia invaded Ukraine back in February, Penn headed right to Kyiv to film the documentary about the conflict. During his time there, Penn met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who he credits for uniting the people of Ukraine.

“They are together like never before and, as I said, that’s the historical legacy of Zelenskyy, because he’s the man who did it,” Penn said. “They’ll never be able to take it away from him that he unified the Ukrainians to fight for their country.” 

Penn went on to say that while his “intention is to go back into Ukraine,” he is also “not certain what I can offer.”

“I don’t spend a lot of time texting the president or his staff while they’re under siege and their people are being murdered,” Penn said. “I’d probably send one message through the chief of staff. ‘Here’s what I’m looking to do that I think would be of value. You only have to answer me in one of two ways: don’t come or come and do what you’re planning, or come, but here’s where you could be more helpful.”

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Still Working On Ukraine Documentary

Though Sean Penn is still working on his documentary about Ukraine, he admitted that he no longer knows its purpose.

“People will argue this, and there’s a million debates that I understand, but long term, we don’t have any tangible evidence that documentaries really change anything,” Penn said. “We just don’t. We only know they can give hope.”

It’s worth noting that Sean Penn has never served in the military in his life, and that he has been a wealthy, pampered Hollywood star for decades.

This is also the same guy who said on CNN, “You can’t go around pointing a gun in somebody’s face, which is what it is when people are unvaccinated.” You can read that full story here.

Perhaps he would be better off supporting Ukraine from afar, rather than putting himself and those around him in danger by taking up arms and going to battle. 

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