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Sean Penn is at it again. The actor, activist, and hater of “men in skirts” is reportedly on the ground in Ukraine. Yes, that Ukraine, the one currently being invaded and bombed to rubble by Russia. Let’s talk about this.

Why Is Sean Penn In Ukraine?

Penn is on the ground in Ukraine filming a documentary on the invasion for Vice News. As ridiculous as this sounds, it makes sense. Both Vice and Penn are known for getting right into the thick of disaster.

Penn has the blessing of the Ukrainian government, who thanked him for his efforts in raising awareness of the invasion. The President’s office released the following statement.

“Our country is grateful to him for such a display of courage and honesty. This morning, the director visited the Office of the President and attended a press briefing by Iryna Vereshchuk, Adviser to the Head of the Office of the Head of State and Vice Prime Minister – Minister for Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine. He talked to journalists, to our military, saw how we defend our country.”

He even sat down and spoke with the President of Ukraine about the ongoing situation.

Sean Penn’s Disaster Adventures

Penn’s adventure to a warzone isn’t the first time Penn has injected himself into a global catastrophe. The I Am Sam star regularly made trips to Haiti following their devastating earthquakes. Following Hurricane Katrina, Penn reportedly traversed New Orleans in a boat, rescuing people from their homes.

Penn has met with some of the world’s most brutal and notorious dictators and crime lords, including El Chapo.

Here’s Penn hanging with Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez.

I said it before, but Penn puts his body where his mouth is. He isn’t afraid to risk life and limb for what he believes.

Granted, I disagree strongly with most of what Spicolli has to say about the world, but he’s better than most of his Hollywood counterparts who think posting on Instagram and ranting on Twitter count as real activism.

What are your thoughts on Sean Penn filming in Ukraine? Let us know in the comment section below.

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