The new faith-based movie Father Stu starring Mark Wahlberg and Mel Gibson came out last week, and fans are already falling in love with it. Now, Gibson is speaking out to reveal why he’s relieved that Wahlberg, who both produced and starred in the film, was able to get it made.

Gibson Grateful This Movie Got Made

Gibson told Fox News that he’s grateful that Wahlberg was able to make this film about the real-life Father Stuart Long, a boxer turned priest, because it offers many life lessons that the world needs right now.

“He looked into himself and who he was as a person,” Gibson said of the real Long. “He came to accept his mortality and what he could do. You know, we’re all gonna get hit with something, either an illness or just some horrible, unfortunate mishap.”

“We’re all going to experience something that’s going to affect us emotionally or physically,” he continued. “So how do you deal with those things? How do you heal? That’s the lesson for me.”

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Gibson Impressed By Wahlberg’s Transformation

In order to play Long, the incredibly fit Wahlberg put on a whopping 30 pounds in eight months by eating 11,000 calories per day. He even went so far as to drink olive oil to play the role, and Gibson was impressed by his commitment to the role. 

“He hit his mark,” Gibson said of Wahlberg. “He ate everything in sight for like a month. And mind you, it was only a 30-day shoot. He had to start eating peanut butter sandwiches and stuffing himself with spaghetti, steak, and cups of lard.”

“I don’t know how he did it,” he continued. “I don’t have to try to do that. I just have to live normally and I blimp out. But he had to put in some effort. And then he managed to get it all off, which I can’t do no matter what I try. But I’ll ask him for some advice.”

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Gibson Not Surprised Wahlberg Faced Resistance

Gibson also said that he was not surprised that Wahlberg has said he faced resistance in Hollywood when it came to getting this film made. Wahlberg even ended up having to fund the movie with his own money. 

“I think we’re really fortunate that the material was placed in the hands of a very competent and talented young writer who was able to take the story from the page to the screen,” Gibson said. “I think that’s what makes the difference. It’s about the execution and how it comes to life. You laugh through most of the film until you cry. And the reason you’re laughing and crying is that it’s hitting truth.”

Father Stu is in theaters everywhere now. Please go check it out so that Hollywood can see that the world needs more faith-based movies like this one!

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