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Fans may have thought Marky Mark was the epitome of cool back in the day, but Mark Wahlberg’s children do not agree! 

In a new interview with daytime talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, Wahlberg revealed that his kids are “mortified” by his Marky Mark past.

Wahlberg’s Kids ‘Mortified’ By His Past

“They’ve seen videos of me performing and they’re mortified,” Wahlberg said, according to E! Online. “Like, if they see the picture of me in the underwear, oh my god, they’d be so embarrassed.”

Wahlberg, 50, shares four children with his wife Rhea Durham: Ella, 18, Michael, 16, Brendan, 13, and Grace, 12,. He admitted to DeGeneres that his kids are embarrassed by just about everything he does these days. 

“My son has just recently turned 16, let’s just say that, and he gets embarrassed by everything that I do,” he said. “Even the stuff that other people think is, like, cool in 2022, like movies and stuff? ‘Dad it’s so dumb. Dad that’s terrible.'”

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Wahlberg’s Kids Are His Toughest Critics

Wahlberg also revealed that his own children are some of his toughest critics. 

“My son and my daughter went to see Uncharted. They liked it a lot, but they were like, ‘Dad, why didn’t you play the main character?’ I said, ‘I’m too old to play the main character. I used to be the main character,'” Wahlberg recalled.

“And then I showed my daughter and the kids a rough cut of Father Stu. It was a little much for her,” he added. “She was still 11 at the time…They were into Transformers for a short amount of time. They were dying to see Ted, but my wife wouldn’t let them see it. So, they’re not my biggest fans.”

Check out Wahlberg’s full interview with DeGeneres below. 

Wahlberg Funds Daughter’s Tattoos

However, Wahlberg may have scored some cool points with his kids when he paid for his oldest daughter’s tattoos for her 18th birthday.

“Her boyfriend wrote ‘I love you’ with, like, a pencil and they copied that and then she wrote it on him,” Wahlberg explained. “And then she’s got a little tiny fairy here on her back.”

Wahlberg had tried to discourage his daughter from getting tattoos by showing her how painful his own tattoo removal process was. Despite this, she decided to ink up anyway. 

“Nothing worked,” he said. “It didn’t discourage her as well.”

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Any parent out there will understand that sometimes, that’s just the way things go with your kids! Wahlberg’s kids may be “mortified” by his past right now, but they are lucky to have such a devoted dad as him. 

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