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Actor Mark Wahlberg was hoping that taking his children with him for the grueling process of getting his tattoos removed would discourage them from getting inked up themselves.

Unfortunately for him, his plan backfired with at least one of his children, who now has multiple tattoos as well as a nose and belly button piercing.

Wahlberg Has Tattoos Removed

“I had a rosary around my neck, ‘With the God I trust’ across my stomach,” Wahlberg, 50, explained in a new interview, according to Daily Mail. “I still thought, you know what, I’m not really supposed to mark my body. I was trying to really also get them removed, [for] work and for personal and professional reasons. So, I took my children.”

Despite this, Wahlberg’s 18-year-old daughter Ella Rae now has not one, but two tattoos, as well as piercings in her nose and belly button.

“You got to figure those things out for yourself,” Wahlberg said with a shrug. “I hope with technology, it would be [easier to remove for her], because it took me seven years [of painful laser treatments]…Very different from, you know, sitting there having a cold beer and some guy gives you a tattoo. Four beers later, you know, you got the tattoo.”

Wahlberg’s New Christian Movie

Wahlberg and his wife Rhea Durham are also the parents of three younger children: son Michael, 15; son Brendan, 13; and daughter Margaret, 12. He gave this interview to promote his new Christian movie Father Stu, which is set to come out in April.

“These [religious] movies are not easy to get made. It took actually six years to get made,”: Wahlberg explained. “It’s probably the most unpredictable movie ever. I mean, obviously, we told them that he was a fighter, he tried to become an actor, and then he went into the priesthood. But it is so unlike that. I mean, nothing better than showing somebody the movie that has no idea what they’re watching.”

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Wahlberg Sounds Off On Cancel Culture 

During this same interview, Wahlberg was asked to give his thoughts on cancel culture. 

“For me, personally, I know. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life, but I have been focused since I was 16 or 17 years old turning my life around, and that is a daily task that I have to continue to work on,” Wahlberg stated. “You know, we all have our moments. It’s not my place to judge, and I know that all the work that I’m doing is to hopefully, hopefully, when I – when it’s my day to be judged, that, you know, I get a pass, I get to go [to heaven].”

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Unlike many Hollywood stars, Wahlberg is a good Christian man who can actually serve as a role model to young people everywhere. We can’t wait to see both his new movie, and the work he continues to do in the years to come! 

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