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Kid Rock and Morgan Wallen are two singers who have frequently been targeted by the leftwing cancel culture mob. That’s why the left is undoubtedly going to lose their minds when they find out that the two of them have teamed up on a new song!

But first, check out Wallen performing his song “Wasted On You” at Kid Rock’s Big Honky Tonk bar last year in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Kid Rock Sings Song Co-Written By Morgan Wallen

Music Mayhem Magazine reported that Kid Rock’s new song “Still Somethin'” was actually co-written by Wallen, which means that the two musicians are officially collaborating on music.

The catchy song pays tribute to rock ‘n roll music and the impact that it has had on both of their lives.

The chorus of the song goes: 

“There’s still something ’bout a guitar cranked up
Head banging to the beat of the bass drum
Still something ’bout a sold-out show
In the second row with your girl on your shoulders
Still something ’bout raising a cold beer
When the lights go down and the crowd cheers
From Delta Soul to Abbey Road
Sweet Child to Sweet Home”

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The song that is sung by Kid Rock specifically pays tribute to such rock ‘n roll legends as Guns N’ Roses, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Beatles, AC/DC, Journey, and the Steve Miller Band.

Check it out below:

Wallen And Kid Rock Targeted By Cancel Culture

Wallen and Kid Rock have a lot in common, as they both know all too well what it is like to be targeted by cancel culture.

The left has been trying to cancel Wallen ever since he was caught on camera drunkenly dropping the N-word last year. Yet, they have not been able to stop him from continuing to be a popular musician. 

Meanwhile, Kid Rock has frequently been targeted for his conservative views, but he recently boasted that he is “uncancellable” because he “doesn’t give a f***!”

“At the end of the day, there’s nobody I’m beholden to – no record companies, no corporate interests, no nothing. You can’t cancel me. I love it when they try,” Kid Rock said, according to Yahoo News

“To my fans, I love you dearly. To you critics, haters and trolls, go f— yourself,” he later added.

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Watch Kid Rock talk more about that in the video below. 

Kid Rock’s New Album

“Still Somethin'” is just one of the songs off Kid Rock’s latest album “Bad Reputation,” which holds a special meaning to the singer.

“I just wanted to go back a little bit to my roots of the hard rock and hard rap, heavier stuff,” Kid Rock said of the album. “But I also wanted to throw in the tinges of southern rock and country music and soul music and of course, rock and roll,”

“All which I love so much and have really honed my craft over the years to not just be fluent in one, but touch on ‘em all and what my family and friends and fans feel like I do at a pretty good level,” he added. 

We hope that this new song is just the beginning of many collaborations to come! 

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