James Corden Late Late Show Replacement
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James Corden, the affable British entertainer, is leaving CBS’s Late Late Show in 2023. The announcement shocked the entertainment world as many believed Corden would stay due to the popularity of his show.

Corden was most well-known for his show’s delightful Carpool Karaoke segment, where he sang along while driving around some of the world’s best musical artists. My personal favorite is when he drove Sir Paul McCartney around Liverpool. 

But late-night TV isn’t what it used to be, and Corden is talented enough to return to movies and Broadway musicals. His departure has us wondering, who will replace James Corden? 

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Who Should Replace James Corden? 

I bet CBS already has someone safe (and probably unfunny) in mind. Still, I have prepared the following list of up-and-coming comedians who would probably do a much better job than whoever CBS ends up picking. These talented comics could take the show into a less musical and celebrity-obsessed realm. Most of these are the longest of long shots, but if you see that somehow CBS ends up picking one of them, then you’ll know that, against all odds, they made the right choise.. 

Christina P 

Christina P is a great stand-up and podcast host who has successfully built her own empire with her husband and fellow comedian Tom Segura. She is a funny comedian, and she’s also a mom. Wouldn’t that be a welcome change to the male-dominated late-night scene? 

Mark Normand 

Normand certainly isn’t a safe choice and has some tweets and podcast takes that some crowds will probably get him canceled as soon as he makes it big. But he’s probably one of the funniest stand-ups going right now and is a phenomenal joke writer.

Tim Dillon

An absolute zero percent chance this happens. Tim Dillon is one of the most successful podcast hosts on Patreon (where he makes over $220,000 a month). But he is a top stand-up. While the money would be marginally better, boxing Dillon in on a network show likely wouldn’t work. Or it might just make late-night TV must-watch again.

You could have the most original voice since Conan doing bonkers skits like this.

Twitter Makes Suggestions 

Twitter users had a few good ideas on who should host the Late Late Show. 

How about absurdist gonzo-style comedian Eric Andre? 

Or Comedian Tiffany Haddish?

Who Will Replace James Corden? 

There will be a lot of pressure for CBS to pick someone who is not a white man. There are already a few late-night hosts who fit the mold, like NBC’s Amber Ruffin or ABC’s Lily Singh. With today’s polarized climate, I doubt anyone will be picked who checks every box for everyone. 

Who would you like to see replace James Corden? Let us know in the comment below.

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