The country music star Dolly Parton is taking a stand for the environment in a new interview in which she called on her fans to do more to help care for the planet. 

‘We Should Pay More Attention’

“We should pay more attention,” Parton told National Geographic.

“We’re just mistreating Mother Nature — that’s like being ugly to your mama,” the 76 year-old singer added. “We need to take better care of the things that God gave us freely. And that we’re so freely messing up.”

Parton went on to say that she loves living around the Great Smoky Mountains.

“We got the most radiant flowers, the biggest assortment of trees,” Parton explained. “The Smokies have a heart of their own. It’s the way the water flows, the way it sounds, and the way it feels when you get in it. I don’t know if it’s just because it’s my home — but I really don’t think so. I think it’s just one of those special places that God put here for us to enjoy.”

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Parton’s Love For Butterflies

In this same interview, Parton also talked about how much she loves butterflies, which she incorporates into many of her projects. 

“When I was little I would wander off, chasing butterflies into the woods, so they had to come find me,” Parton said. “I always related to them because I felt like they were harmless and they were colorful — kinda like I think that I am. They’re just meant to be mine, I think.”

In another recent interview with Insider, Parton talked about spending time with Carl Dean, her husband of 55 years.

“We still have our little times, like in the springtime when the first daffodils come out,” she said. “My husband always brings me a bouquet. And he’ll usually write me a little poem. Which to me, that’s priceless. That’s like a date in itself.”

Though she’s a huge star, Parton still does the cooking at home for her husband.

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‘I’ll Cook The Stuff That I Know We Love’

“I’ll cook the stuff that I know we love,” she explained. “And I pack it up in a picnic basket. And then we’ll go find some riverbank somewhere with our little camper, park, have a picnic. Or we’ll pull up to some little Davis Inn motel, go in as long as the bed’s clean and there’s a bathroom. We just do our little things like that.”

“Or I’ll do a candlelight dinner,” Parton continued. “We don’t make an issue of it. It’s like certain days, you feel a certain way. And I’ll say, ‘I’m going to surprise him. And we’re going to have real cloth napkins and real crystal. I’m going to put the real china out instead of the paper plates we usually eat on because we don’t want to have to wash dishes.'”

God bless Parton for continuing to be as relatable as can be. Whether she’s defending the environment or talking about her marriage, Parton is someone we all just can’t help but love! 

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