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Alexa Bliss Frustrated With WWE Creative, NXT Star Leaves After Deal

A new report indicates that Alexa Bliss is frustrated with WWE Creative! Plus., there's an NXT star who left the company recently.

Alexa Bliss hasn’t been on WWE television since the Women’s Elimination Chamber in February. There’s no word on when she’s returning, and a recent report reveals that she’s frustrated with WWE Creative.

Alexa Bliss Frustrated With WWE Creative

Bliss returned to the WWE Elimination Chamber with some vignettes. According to Fightful Select, there was no solid creative direction at that point in time.

The report notes that Alexa voiced her displeasure around no creative direction following the Chamber event. In fact, talent knew of this, as well as creative writers, and “higher-ups”.

It also reveals that Bliss was willing to work WM 38, but Alexa was not used. The buzz is that ideas were pitched for Alexa to get involved in the Bianca Belair/Becky Lynch match.

Unfortunately, those pitches were shot down rather quickly. It’s not clear if this came from Alexa or the creative team.

The report also states that by the end of February, it was known that Bliss would not be participating in WrestleMania. Therefore, the shift went to airing Alexa’s vignettes leading up to the Chamber PPV.

Alexa Bliss Transparent Over Frustration With WWE Creative (& Vince McMahon)

As per the report, Bliss is apparently quite transparent about her frustration. Especially over the fact that she was substantially booked after her comeback, as she was gone for a lengthy period of time.

It’s been said that Alexa went straight to CEO Vince McMahon to voice her concerns. Interestingly enough, Bliss is still ranked on internal documents as the #2 face, behind Women’s Champion Bianca Belair, on RAW.

Despite some issues in her professional life, Bliss’s personal one is booming.  She recently married Ryan Cabrera in Palm Desert, California, on April 9th.

Alexa signed with the WWE in 2013, entering NXT first, then the main roster in 2016. During her time with the company, she’s held the RAW Women’s title three times, the SmackDown Women’s Championship twice, held the women’s tag gold twice, and was Ms. 2018 MITB

Over to NXT, a superstar has left the brand after their deal was up. More on this, below.

NXT Star Leaves After 

As a former NJPW star, Kushida came to the WWE with major expectations. Sadly, his run is now officially, over.

Alexa Bliss WWE Creative
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Fans last saw the talent with the Jacket Time. However, this team is done for.

The two failed to reach the top of the mountain at NXT. Now, Kusida is seemingly leaving the company for good.

Kushida now appears in the alumni section on As per Fightful Select, Kusida left the promotion after his deal expired.

More On Kushida Leaving

According to Fightful, it’s unclear whether a new contract was presented to the NXT star. One source believes this was a budget cut.

Kushida is an ex-NXT Cruiser Champion, so he did accomplish some achievements during his time with WWE. However, his momentum lessened after his debut in 2019.

Sadly, the star was hit with bad booking from the creative team, and injuries. Here’s hoping he finds success on his next wrestling adventure.

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