AEW Forbidden Door News
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AEW is producing a pay per view titled Forbidden Door and there is news two major wrestlers could miss the show. Also, Mike Tyson bloodied an unruly passenger.

AEW Forbidden Door News

For the build to this week’s AEW Dynamite, Tony Khan had been promoting a major announcement. Remember, Khan does make that statement frequently and usually delivers. 

While we only know a few details, AEW has a big show coming up. They will be working with New Japan Pro Wrestling for a June show called, Forbidden Door.

In all likelihood, fans will see AEW talent battle NJPW. Also, we could see some unique pairings between the two  companies.

Currently, no matches have been confirmed. Although, we do know it comes from the United Center in Chicago.

So, CM Punk will likely get a huge match. Also, there is talk of Kenny Omega. 

As noted, he is still recovering from several injuries. There is no timeframe for a return, but something involving NJPW could change things.

Forbidden Door Could Be Missing Top AEW And NJPW Stars

In the past, Omega has a lengthy history with Kazuchika Okada. Although, Dave Meltzer stated on the Wrestling Observer Radio how Okada might miss the show.

“His wife’s birthday is the 28th, which is, the 28th in Japan is like like the 27th in the United States,” said Meltzer. So, it would be very difficult for him to do that show and be back for his wife’s birthday.”

“So, he sort of said he wasn’t doing the show, but he might have been kidding. But, if he is doing the show, that might be like after his match, the time to re-introduce Omega.” 

“Okada’s leaving, he’s coming out and then build for something probably for September or something like that. If he’s ready by September.”

Omega being medically cleared might be the biggest hurdle. He worked through so many injuries over the years and is now dealing with the consequences.

Still, AEW and NJPW putting on a show together will work, even if Okada and Omega are not present. This might be the hottest ticket of the wrestling summer.

Mike Tyson Punches Passenger

AEW Forbidden Door News

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Legendary boxing star Mike Tyson made news on Wednesdays for a rowdy flight. The boxer, who has appeared for WWE and AEW, had an incident on the airplane.

TMZ Sports reports that Tyson starting punching a man he claims was extremely intoxicated. The person and his friend had apparently been annoying Tyson during the flight. 

As seen in the video, Tyson delivered several punches to the man’s bloody face. The man received medical attention and did speak with police.

As of now, there have been no charges filed against Tyson.

Tyson was last seen on AEW last year. He spent a few weeks feuding with Chris Jericho and eventually joining the Inner Circle. 

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