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Vince McMahon does not sit down for interviews. How would he have the time? Vince hasn’t done a live on-tape interview since his disastrous 1-on-1 with Bob Costas. Maybe he is getting soft in his old age, or perhaps he’s shooting an angle, but The Chairman sat down with Pat McAfee for a wide-ranging interview.

Here are a few of the highlights.

Vince Gives Pat His First WrestleMania Match

Vince started off the interview with a huge revelation. Pat McAfee will be wrestling his first match at WrestleMania. He didn’t reveal his opponent, but a lot of speculation seems to think McAfee will square off against up-and-comer and Mr. McMahon’s protege, Austin Theory.

Regardless, what a great honor! 

On Tearing His Quads 

Vince infamously tore both of his quads during the botched ending of the Rumble Rumble. 

Vince had to learn to walk again before bragging that he could still leg press 1000 pounds.

On Brock Lesnar

It is no secret that Vince and Brock have had a long and rocky relationship, but Vince was effusive in his praise for the Beast, calling him a “smart son of a B*tch.”

Vince’s Insane Workout Schedule

The stories of Vince’s training habits and lack of sleep are legendary. But this is ridiculous. He does not FINISH working out until 3 am. 

The notorious gym rat has to actually force himself to leave the gym and says he has often “overtrained,” which probably contributed to his injuries. 

Vince BURIES Michael Cole

Ok, not really. Cole is one of the most respected people in the WWE.

I’ve never heard any wrestler say a negative word about Michael Cole. That he’s been doing this for over 20 years is a testament to his professionalism. 

Vince Will Induct The Undertaker into the WWE Hall of Fame

This was by far the most significant announcement of the interview. Vince is famously absent from the Hall of Famer ceremony. But he will break tradition to induct the Dead Man.


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Undertaker is looking to be the sole inductee this year. Which is at it should be. Taker is a singular figure and should have the entire ceremony dedicated to him.

My Overall Thoughts

I’ve always noticed that Vince doesn’t want to accept all or, frankly, any of the credit for the success of WWE. He even banned his name from Hall of Fame speeches. He refuses to make the success of WWE his sole responsibility. Instead, he talks about all the people who work together to make WWE a reality. 

I don’t know if there is a more driven and focused man in the world than Vince. He is 76 and could easily be on a yacht or swim in money pools. Instead, he is still going to TV shows every week, still obsessing about every single detail. 

I would recommend checking out the entire interview. Vince tells some Attitude Era stories, talks about the thrill of competition, and how he books the shows.

McAfee was effusive in his praise for Vince. While I know that is the style of interviewer he is, I can see someone thinking it was a bit of brownnosing your boss.

Did you watch the interview? Let us know your thoughts in the comment below.

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