I love Pat McAfee. He has been a revelation on commentary for Smackdown Live. His infectious enthusiasm, joking around, and great energy makes the show a must-watch for me every Friday*. Believe it or not, the former NFL punter, who is known for getting under the skin, gets under the skin of important people in the back. Not just any critical figure, though.

McAfee brazenly talked about how he openly trolls Vince McMahon every week in a recent interview. This is brilliant! 

“I try to sneak it in at least once a show…”

McAfee revealed his forbidden phrase in a recent interview with Seth Freakin’ Rollins. This sounds a bit nit-picky, but hey, it’s Vince; of course, it will be nit-picky.

Ladies and gentlemen, WWE Future Hall of Famer….by the way, I actually get yelled at every time I say, ‘Future Hall of Famer’ for this person. They’re like….it’s not always Vince (McMahon), it’s somebody that drops in, ‘we don’t know if that’s true or not.’ It’s an amazing time. I try to sneak that in at least once a show to see how many Hall of Famers I can put in there.

That’s incredible. How often do we hear stories about people walking on eggshells around Vince? But if you want to succeed in WWE, you have to take risks and be yourself.

The guys and girls who get pushed don’t do it by kissing up to Vince, which only works short-term. They succeed because they build a robust and dynamic character that makes people sit down and watch them talk or wrestle. Pat understands this, which is why he has become such a success. 

Pat McAfee Commentary Highlights

Here are a few of my favorite commentary moments from Pat McAfee

He’s also called a few NFL games, where of course, he excelled.

Don’t Try To Replicate Pat McAfee.

I know the urge is there to create another commentator just like him for AEW (who already has four) or IMPACT, but I beg the companies, who I know read me and regularly heed my words**, to please don’t make a Pat McAfee copy cat (a copy CAtFee if you will.)

He is an original voice that proves that authentic voices thrive on wrestling commentary. Look for the “first,” not the “next.” That’s where the money lies, not just in the ring but on the mic as well. 

Are you a Pat McAffee fan? Share your thoughts and favorite commentary moments in the comments below.

*I mean, I watch it every Friday because I get paid to, but Pat’s commentary makes it way more watchable.

** This statement is unfounded 

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