Queen Elizabeth Likely Won’t Ever Meet Meghan Markle And Prince Harry’s Daughter Lilibet

Queen Elizabeth Lilibet

A Royal expert is speaking out to say that it is “unlikely” that Queen Elizabeth, 95, will ever get to meet Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s baby daughter Lilibet, who is named after the monarch and was born in June of last year. Harry’s current legal battle, suing the the U.K. Government for removing his security protection while in the U.K., seems to be the driving factor.

‘Unlikely’ That Queen Will Meet Lilibet 

This came after Harry announced that he will not be returning to the United Kingdom for his late grandfather’s thanksgiving service later in March. Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams said that this means that the likelihood of the Queen ever meeting Lilibet is very slim.

‘’I think this was expected because of the issue with security, obviously, he would have wanted to come if he could,” Fitzwilliams told The Sun. “I think it’s a great pity, what this means is it regrettable the rift will remain unhealed.”

When asked directly if the Queen will ever meet Lilibet, Fitzwilliams said, “It’s increasingly unlikely.”

“If they don’t bring Lili over, then obviously that won’t happen. It’s all something that’s clearly not going to be resolved in the foreseeable future,” he added. “And it doesn’t seem like they’re going to come over.”

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Harry Claims He Feels ‘Unsafe’ In The U.K.

Harry has claimed he feels “unsafe” in the U.K., and for that reason he wants his security to be paid for by British taxpayers. He also said that he would like to see the Queen “as soon as possible,” something Fitzwilliams also addressed.

“He said he wasn’t coming over, he ‘hoped to see the queen soon,” the Royal expert continued. “I can only assume he expects to win his court case. He made an affectionate comment to the Queen personally. He must mean he expects to win the case. Whether he does win the case or not is a completely different matter.”

Harry is currently suing the British Home Office for removing his police security when he is in the United Kingdom, according to Newsweek. The decision to remove his security was made in 2020, when he and Meghan stepped down as senior Royals. In his lawsuit, Harry claims that he wants to bring Lilibet and her older brother Archie to the U.K., but he “does not feel safe.” 

When Harry attended Prince Philip’s funeral last year, he was given security detail, but he did not get it when the statue of Princess Diana was unveiled in July 2021. Subsequently, he was chased by photographers which prompted him to bring the lawsuit.

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Another Royal Expert Sounds Off

Royal expert Angela Levin also discussed Harry not returning to the U.K. for Philip’s service.

“He has snubbed the Duke of Edinburgh but really he is snubbing the Queen,” Levin said, according to Page Six. “He’ll probably use this same excuse to try to get out of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations.”

Levin went on to say that Harry’s snub is particularly offensive because the Queen is still “grieving” the loss of Philip. They were married for 73 years before his death in April of last year.

Our hearts go out to the Queen, as it must be devastating for her to be facing the prospect of not getting to meet her great granddaughter. We hope and pray that the Queen somehow does get the chance to meet Lilibet sometime in the near future.