Prince Andrew arrogance

Prince Andrew, the third of Queen Elizabeth’s four children, has fallen into disgrace over his ties to the late billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Once seen as a war hero, Andrew is now seen as an embarrassment to the Royal family. 

Now, a Royal insider is speaking out to reveal the major difference between Andrew and his mother.

Andrew’s ‘Arrogance Hasn’t Served Him Well’

“One of the Queen’s great qualities is she never gets carried away with the fact that she’s one of the best-known people in the world,” the royal insider told People Magazine. “She has this natural modesty and no great wish to be a public figure; she is more interested in doing the job.”

The source added that in contrast, “[Andrew’s] success as a naval officer reinforced his natural belief in himself, and his judgment lapses at times. He has an arrogance that hasn’t served him well.”

Last year, Royal biographer Tom Bower spoke about Prince Andrew’s behavior, take a look:

Andrew was once considered to be the Queen’s personal favorite of her four children, which is why it had to be especially difficult for her to strip him of his military titles and Royal patronages last year after he was accused of having sex with an Epstein accuser when she was underage.

“At nearly 96 and in her Platinum Jubilee year, does she really need this?” questioned another palace insider, referring to the Queen.

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Andrew’s Secret Meetings With The Queen

Last month, sources said that Andrew was sneaking over to Windsor Castle for secret meetings with the Queen at night in the hopes that he would not be seen coming or going under the cover of darkness.

“Andrew has been very careful and is trying to keep out of sight. He knows there are photographers in the daytime and his best chance to avoid them is after dark,” a source told The Sun. β€œHe knows he is meant to be keeping his head down and it’s a short trip, but he is extremely contrite and apologized to the Queen for all the trouble he has caused her.”

β€œHe realizes how serious this whole issue has been and the damage it has done to the monarchy,” the insider added, referring to the Epstein-related allegations against Andrew. “The last thing he wanted to do was cause his beloved mother so much anguish at her age and in her Platinum Jubilee year.” 

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Andrew Won’t Attend Platinum Jubilee

The Platinum Jubilee, which is scheduled to take place in June, is meant to celebrate the Queen’s record-breaking 70 years on the British throne. Reports have stated that Andrew will not be attending this event, which is probably for the best for everyone involved. 

“He has no place in royal family public celebrations,” said royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams. “The royal family have basically made it clear that he has been an embarrassment for too long. There is simply too many problems there.”

It seems that Andrew should not expect to return to active Royal life anytime soon, if at all. We can only imagine how heartbreaking this must be for the Queen. 

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